Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Grumpy One needs flowers.

This post may or may not apply to you. The person who it truly applies to TRULY knows who they are....because I am being blatantly obvious and reading it to them after I type it. Grumpy people should have lots of flowers.

-----Perhaps the flowers should have fifty of those smiley face picks that you often see in floral arrangements.
-----Maybe I could have them shipped to me. Then hand-deliver them myself....dressed as Grumpy the Dwarf or Grumpy Smurf.
-----1-800-FLOWERS has same day delivery. I think I could tolerate less than 24 hours more of Grumpy. It would especially help if I print out a picture of whatever flowers I choose to help you smile....and clutch that picture tightly until the delivery arrives.

-----Pink and dark pink roses are said to signify appreciation. I shall send the dark signify that I appreciate your cheer. The dark part will signify the grumpiness that will eventually rub off on me....visualizing singing Pooh's "Little Black Rain Cloud" everywhere I go. I wonder if you would find it embarrassing if I wore a tutu and sang "Little Black Rain Cloud" every time I was in your presence. Either I practice my Pooh dance or consider buying something from the Rose Sale on the 1-800-FLOWERS site that I have been looking at.
***I like the "Fields of Ecuador" arrangement listed under "I'm Sorry" because it is a beautiful dark pink. I will show it to whom this post may concern. Said Grumpy Person might smile just seeing the picture....and knowing that I am sorry that there is uproar in their world.

-----Flowers beat hurling Oscar-the-Grouch-shaped beanbags at the Grumpy One....because I would have a hard time figuring out where to get Oscar-the-Grouch-shaped beanbags.

Perhaps this post did not make The Grumpy smile. Perhaps his/her smile is there....and we will see it when the Grump washes away. Carry on.

Some of the flower arrangements that I have done.


SarahA said...

Fantastic! I am so grumpy in the morning! Ha!Reading your post though has made me less so!


Thank you Sarah. I think it made the person that I was writing it to...a little less grumpy. :-)

I am not a morning person. Most people don't understand my schedule. I rework everything so that I sleep when my body needs it. This means that my morning has become most peoples' afternoon. I get to see the sunrise (which I enjoy so much) and be more for me.

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