Sunday, May 17, 2009

Why I never bring my lunch to work......

People who steal your lunch items are RUDE. People who just eat part of your lunch (and make it so you might not know about it) are NASTY. I wish that I could go blissfully back to the days when I was unaware of this behavior. I have decided I would rather go through the effort of delivery, having someone bring me lunch or just not eating until I get home. Sometimes I will bring no-refrigeration-necessary-items in my purse.

How do you deal with lunch thieves???....and other communal refrigerator rudenesses?

-----"Reasons Not To Steal Food From the Company Fridge"
-----Making fun out of the Food Bandit situation
-----Stealing food at work can be dangerous....and, in some cases, sad.


Chris said...

I'm always in shock when someone yanks another's lunch out the refridgerator at work. Like what is up with that? I seriously don't get it. If I were ever to catch someone taking mine, I'd probably open up some can o' office place whoopass - essentially a verbal berating and visit with HR as I think they frown on physical violence there.

BTW: Netchick sent me. =)


It is horrid when everyone knows who is doing it and no one attempts to stop them. I could see when a person has no some extent.

The last person that I knew of (who always said they had no money) had a lot of vices/pleasures that they spent money on. Then this person came to work crabbier than anything and allegedly stole lunches.I guess people were too afraid to stand up to this person(about the lunch and several other behaviors).

Sleepypete said...

My last boss used to have a hard time with the rest of us in the office. He'd usually attack his lunch at like 11am. Unless we got to it first ...

We didn't steal it, we'd just hide it :-) In plain sight. Even though we'd only moved it from one side of his desk to behind his keyboard, he'd not see it. We don't do it any more though since he came back as a contractor.

I don't think we have anyone in our project who steals food, although everyone hides their coffee jars at the end of the day. Things disappear.

No problem of my lunch disappearing, I get it made fresh in the canteen :-) Side effect bonus is I sometimes get more due to the effect the Big Grin (tm) seems to have on the Canteen Girls.


Your trademarked smile and prank with boss's lunch made me smile.

Do you think people take the coffee jars....or are they just cleaning?

Sleepypete said...

If there's been coffee in the jars, it's been known to disappear a bit. But my row of empty coffee jars that I've been collecting hasn't disappeared ...

I have 9 now :-) Which means I've drunk enough coffee since my birthday (November) to have emptied those 9 ...

Yep - I'm known to be a little hyperactive.

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