Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What I'm Wishing For....

This week we were to pick a old TV series that we would like to have made into a movie.

My answer:
Hogan's Heroes. I would want it done in a way that was not offensive to Germans or other people involved in WWII. This was a very funny show. We have the complete series that we have been slowly watching....and then passing on to my Mother (who is very ill and likes them to pass the time). has a rotating schedule of episodes that you can watch for FREE.

Other things I want:
-----The storage bags that one vacuums the excess air out of. I would like to store sweaters and Fall suits. Also, a pretty carpet for one of my closets.
-----To buy a case of Blu Frog (energy drink) for our Summer guests.
-----More farm-fresh eggs. I have found someone to buy them from. Farm-fresh eggs make baked items taste so much better. I love over-easy eggs made with them, too.
-----To learn the words to the song that the character Bender (Judd Nelson) sang about wanting to be an Airborne Ranger (in the movie "The Breakfast Club).
-----The series "The Chopping Block" to have a second season.
-----The rest of "Valentine" to be aired.
-----To find a medieval-looking dress that goes well with my green Marvin the Martian fisherman's hat.
-----Purchase a mosquito trap called a "Mosquito Magnet" for the grill area that we are putting in. The Mosquito Magnet traps the mosquitos for 200 feet!
-----To avoid catching the Swine Flu or any summer flu. I have thyroid problems and the flu makes me EXTREMELY sick. I try very hard not to catch the flu....garlic,handwashing,etc.
-----To try a lot of grilling recipes this Summer....especially marinades.
-----To find a costume wig that I actually like. I have a few Halloween wigs but no really nice wigs.
-----An Anniversary ring. Husband says that this will occur at some point. I would like it to be a plain band of blue sapphires that does not go all the way around. At least that is my vision for now. I also want to do a really fun vow renewal party.
-----To try linguini with clam sauce. Both the red and the white sauce.
-----To attend the BlogHer and SXSW Conferences.
-----To attract a lot of bees to my yard (fairly safe bees only). I am trying to do my part to help fight the Bee Collapse. I have a problem with the bee stings, so I avoid them myself like the plague. I am lucky to have Husband....who is willing to have me teach him beekeeping and have him do it (one of next year's projects).
-----This Iron Butterfly Baseball Cap. I would also like to see a digital video that actually looks like Elvis singing Inna-Gadda-di-Vida.....because I think he would have been awesome at singing this song. I have written an e-mail to Iron Butterfly telling them that they should do some sort of virtual Elvis like this. :-)
-----To visit at least one zoo and one amusement park this summer.
-----To take a cruise to somewhere warm. The catch is that I wonder if there is a cruise that would allow Doggie. I would be a little nervous about absolutely assuring that Doggie stayed on leash.
-----To play Bossaball. I do not know of anywhere in the United States that offers this game.
-----To find ways of eating meat that cause less strain on the environment.
-----To have a complete lapidary equipment setup.
-----A more restful/rejuvenating bathroom.
-----A new stock pot set.
-----A claw-foot tub and a rubber duckie. I have told Husband that they have rubber duckies at the dollar store. :-)
-----This Kool-Aid Man hoodie. You know that if their were a Blooper tape, a lot of this type of thing would be in there.
-----To read a graphic novel called "Nixon's Pals." It is about a man who is a parole officer for super heroes.
-----To learn glowsticking...both freehand and string.
-----Replace a necklace chain that I am allergic to...and repair a couple that are broken.
-----Purchase and board a horse. Or at least go horseback riding with the same horse on a regular basis. Learn how to saddle and care for a horse. I can ride but haven't learned all the other things. The equestrian school that I really want to attend must be really busy....I know that they are still in business but they never answer any of my inquiries.
-----To make another Kiva investment (micro-business loans to third-world countries).
-----To open a coffee shop
-----To get more intense with my urban farming efforts. Also to get a truck....because we have to borrow one a lot when hauling manure and the like.
-----Complete my Phd.
-----Finish paying off this laptop.
-----Get the proper set-up and repairs done for my guitars. Then learn how to play them.
-----People to keep my Mother in their thoughts and prayers. She has Stage 4 Breast Cancer,Diabetes,Had a Heart Attack and has a host of other health problems. Please think/pray about her if you can.

And something I wanted that I got...a dishwasher!

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