Thursday, May 14, 2009

Summertime Party......

Cousin 2 is coming to visit this summer....and Cousin 1 is coming back. This means that we must throw a celebration. Plus there are 3 summer birthdays that I can think that means lots of cake at our celebration.

First off, we are in the process of building a firepit....a nice proper fire pit. I have actually been busily studying methods from a copy (re-issued) of the 1920 Girl Scout Handbook. This is not the way I remember fire pit advice, so I think I will combine the old advice with something a little more modern. I want an emphasis on comfort,safety and not having the ashes blow at guests.

We are figuring out where to put shelter tents and have firewood from a neighbor. I have to figure out comfortable seating. Maybe I can find someone with logs (if nothing else) or ask people to bring deck chairs.

Really the celebration is going to be a few weeks....but with an emphasis on a bonfire cookout. I have been going through recipes...a pile of 23 books. Highlights of the weeks will include a truffle bar and a wide selection of microbrews. Expect pictures.

Anyway it will not be as wild as a naughty schoolgirl party....yes, you read that right there is such. I do want there to be some fun games though...I just haven't figured out what yet. I thought of pinatas for the kids and stuff like that. Definitely marshmallow roasting and ingredients for S'mores.*Definitely the Sparklers that we have left over from last 4th of July. I don't know what else.
*-I want to try S'mores made with Nutella and banana slices. This is done without the chocolate.

I don't think it will happen for this party, but perhaps for the 4th of July we could do some sort of T-shirt making event. I know that some of my family would love this.

For this party, I think that we will be doing face paint for children (and adults if they really want). You can get non-toxic face paint,masks,etc. for children at a craft store (Hobby Lobby,Michael's,etc.). Oh....must also get bubbles and sidewalk chalk.

For the adults, if time permits me to get it together, I would love to do a scavenger hunt. Limbo would be a funny camera opportunity. :-)

I have been hunting for party ideas but still just in the fledgling stage.

What are fun things that you do for summer parties?

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