Monday, May 25, 2009

Someday Tenessee....

I have always wanted to go to Tennessee. I hear that it is beautiful and, of course, there is the music. Besides Opryland, I am mainly interested in Pigeon Forge (as it is the home of Dollywood (which,of course, has a LOT of music).

While visiting Pigeon Forge, I would either stay onsite at Dollyland (if there is an onsite hotel or in a neighboring city (to save money). The MainStay Suites hotel in Alcoa seems like it might be an ideal choice. The choice of hotels is a crucial element to enjoying a vacation for me.

The hotel I just mentioned an extended stay hotel in Alcoa. Of course, "extended stay" means a lot of residential-style amenities...which always makes me more comfortable at hotels. I can cook....that is good. At the same time, I could be lazy and do continental breakfast....that is good (not a morning person if I haven't stayed up to see the sunrise).

Anyway there are a lot of reasons that I want to visit Dollywood. I don't think that I will see Dolly Parton (outside of some concert)....though I would love that because I like how she expresses herself. What I am realistically excited about is the new Skyzip ride....multiple ziplines in the Smokey Mountains sounds like fun to me (hoping you don't have to be in extremely good shape...though I might be by the time I get a chance to go).

I also want to visit:
----Graceland. I don't know close it is...just like I don't know how close Opryland is. I am Elvis-obsessed though.
-----Alcoa Aluminum. I would assume that there are some sort of tours. The various aluminum processes would be interesting to learn about.
-----Knoxville Zoo. Near Alcoa. It has butterflies. :-) Also, has African penguins.
-----Great Smokey Mountains National Park. That is the beauty that I have always heard of in Tennessee. This is America's most visited National Park. I believe strongly in supporting our National Parks.2009 is this park's 75th anniversary! I want to see/photograph the trees and wildflowers. If there is a safe way, I want to see one of the many bears in this park.
-----Cades Cove. The most visited part of Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Of course, I want to photograph the wildlife. I really,really want to go trout-fishing here.

Are you carrying your Towel today??? It is a Douglas Adams ("Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy") commemorative thing. I am carrying my imaginary virtual towel everywhere online. :-)

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