Sunday, May 03, 2009

Randomness. :-)

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week of may3: a few of my favorite things...
tell me your fav...

1. person
Husband....of course.

2. movie
"Pretty in Pink"....but sometimes I wish Duckie got the girl.
"Breakfast Club"...I want to worn the words to the song that Bender sang about wanting to be an Airborne Ranger. The characters were so well-developed in this movie.
"Escape from L.A."...I have pretty much worn out my VHS copy.
Not my fave but really, really has its moments and could become part of tied for fave...."The Hours." Such a real story and most writers don't blend different timelines that well.

3. book

"Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
"The World According to Garp"
"The New Living Translation".....of THE BIBLE
You would think that since I am so Hitchhiker and Garp obsessed that I would totally enjoy other works by Adams and Irving....I am disappointed to say that I do not find myself as intrigued. I do own other works by both Adams and Irving. :-)

4. pastime
Photography. Blogging. OR Both Combined.
As I type, I am sitting in our yard plotting how to photograph a raven and his wife. Husband says he doesn't know if ravens mate for life. Husband is calling the raven's missus his "Summer Wife."

5. season
Spring....but only when worst of rain is gone and the flowers are out.

6. tv show
"The Chopping Block"
Now that The Chopping Block appears to be over, my favorite reverts back to "Hell's Kitchen."
A very close second is "Heroes."

7. color

8. item of clothing
A medieval dress.
I want to find one that goes well with my Marvin the Martian hat (green and looks like a fishing hat). I admired Jim Morrison when he wore fishing hats....sometimes, I look about that unkempt when I wear them). I think that the contrast of the very tidy laced dress and the Marvin hat is excellent for me.

9. childhood memory
My knees give me problems now . I have just recently been able to start jogging on, I guess it is getting better. If my knees continue to improve, I plan to train for marathons and be an active participant of some running club.

10. food
Grilled cheese sandwiches.
If my Husband wants to cook me a meal that will absolutely delight me.....all he has to do is tell me that we are having grilled cheese tonight. Occasionally, I like to try different versions of grilled cheese....but in general the traditional way (and perfectly cooked) is best. I definitely want to try the simple Tomato-Cheese variation listed on Epicurious...but I don't know if I will like it. It is helpful to know how to make multiple grilled cheese sandwiches at a time (in the oven). I am not sure if I want to try the stoveless method.

till next time...

Other Grilled Cheese Recipes
-----"Aunt Bev's Glorified Grilled Cheese Sandwich"
-----Grilled Cheese and Peanut Butter I am not as intimidated by these as the mayonnaise,peanut butter,cheese and bologna sandwiches mentioned in the comments!!
-----Sweet Grilled Cheese...a recipe that has been in someone's family for years.
-----Mozzarella Grilled Cheese....a recipe by Chef Tyler Florence.

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