Thursday, May 28, 2009


This ad is PG-13ish. It is funny. Lynx Fever is a shower gel with Brazilian Hot Mud and Red Dragonfruit extract. I wonder what it smells like and if it is the Dragonfruit that imparts the scent. I want to smell it some time. I don't know if it is manly-scented (or even scented at all)...but I might use it myself. It being dermatologically tested was the final selling point for me...and the ad made me laugh.

The Lynx line of products is made by Unilever and is very popular in the UK. In the United States, Lynx is known as "Axe" (as in the body spray)... and it does come in "Fever." As it is pretty reasonably priced, I will be heading to a drugstore sometime soon so that Husband can test this and I can smell it.

Have you tried Lynx/Axe Fever?


T. said...

I am thinking that Lynx/Axe is just this generation's Brut, by Faberge. Remember that? eeeew! The kids have a dragonfruit-scented shampoo. It smells like bubble gum.

I had to scroll to the next post, I was confused on your sticky post of prayers at the top. But I figured it out.



I remember Brut but don't recall the smell...other than some people would put a LOT on.

Thanks for the answer on the dragonfruit. I have had (and love) it in various alcoholic beverages and energy drinks.

melscolorfulmetaphors said...

Hello mingler!

I have a son who is about to start middle school, so I have no doubt I will learn all about this soon. But so far I've been able to avoid that by saying how allergic I am to things like that. I'm really not, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it. :)

Sleepypete said...

Not used the shower gel but I use the Lynx spray. It does for me and it doesn't have the unfortunate side effect that my previous brand of spray had ... The chemical combination of the other stuff and my sweat lead to holes in T-shirts where holes were not meant to be !

Lost some good t-shirts cos of that !

Yep - happy with Lynx but the advert thing of it being Babe-Magnet is a myth. At least, I've not noticed it being a Babe-Magnet.


Allergic to scented stuff?


You reminded me of when I use gel deodorant. After a while it is like I develop some sort of weird a very short time it smells like body odor (though it can't be). I do not like gel deodorants and have had them ruin chenille sweaters by doing this. I don't know what causes it.

Maybe I can get Husband to try the spray. I love trying and encouraging others to try new long as they are safe and morally acceptable (by my standards).

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