Wednesday, May 27, 2009

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Title: Maya Calendar
Description: Artifact of Maya Calendar in a sunray

-----How are you doing on your goals for the New Year? Have you abandoned them yet?

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-----June 1: Project Ladybug Ladies Night Out. At The Brownstone in New Jersey. Proceeds go to helping children in the Paterson, NJ area who have life-threatening medical conditions.Project Ladybug is very involved in helping children with cancer and children who are at St. Joseph's Childrens' Hospital.
-----June 9: Dean Koontz's new book "Relentless" comes out.I have put this on my wait list at the library.
-----June 13: Homes for Our Troops Gala. A charity dedicated to building specially adapted homes for severely injured service members.
-----June 13: Bikerfest 2009 in Austin,
-----July 4-August 4: World E-book Fair. I attend each year.
-----Sometime: There is to be a biographical film about Sam Kinison. It will air on HBO.
-----Sometime: I am hoping that Iron Butterfly answers my e-mailed suggestion that they somehow digitalize Elvis singing In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida. Elvis would have been excellent at singing this song. :-) It would be neat to see. I mention it often...because it would be neat to see. :-)

In my life: Please keep my Mother in your thoughts and prayers. The list of things that she is battling is very long....including the risk of a second heart attack, diabetes and Stage 4 Breast Cancer. :-(


In Due Time said...

I didn't make any goals for the new year. So, so far, so good! lol

Sleepypete said...

One of my goals hasn't really happened.

I was looking to get involved in cricket again and to do that, I needed to be training again from a few months ago. However, with the shoulder in the shape it's in (can't bowl), I miss doing the fitness training I used to do which was continuous cricket bowling for a couple of hours every week or so.


In Due Time,
That made me laugh. I think that I have outgrown some of my goals....they just don't seem as exciting to me now that I have met/almost met many of them. I need to reexamine what makes me Happy in Life-always a constant process for me.


Maybe you could study exciting cricket techniques, ways to prevent further injury, etc. Perhaps, by the time you get to play again, you would be an even better player. I hope you heal soon.

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