Sunday, May 31, 2009

In My Life....

-----I just sent for the Carol's Daughter catalog. I have never tried anything by them. In case you don't know they sell haircare,beauty and skincare products....natural products. The different parts of the Black Vanilla Haircare Collection sound interesting. The catalog could take 30 days to get here (that part is kind of yucky).
-----I am taking antibiotics. Husband told me that I should eat yogurt for about a week after I finish them. I have never heard that before.
-----Some nice gemstone beads from Auntie's Beads came in the mail. Amethyst and some other beads. Husband is going to make jewelry from them and I will be blogging the pieces. I need to get the beads back for a bit so I can show people what they look like.
-----Yesterday I was at Walmart (the store I both protest and shop) and actually found Axe Fever (known as Lynx Fever in the UK) Body Wash. Walmart had just started carrying it. I mentioned here that I wanted to know what the dragonfruit smelled like (since I love dragonfruit). Someone, I will have to look up who, mentioned that there children used something dragonfruit-scented and it smelled like bubble gum. Of course, I had to stop Husband on our way to get my prescription so that we could see how it smelled. It did smell sort of like bubble gum....but also sort of like nothing we had ever smelled before. Husband says he would not use it. I might try using it....if I can find a sample/trial size. Whether I like it or not depends on how gender neutral it smells. Watch the maracas video.....hilarious.
-----I found a pomegranate soap. I am pomegranate-obsessed. :-) I will likely buy this one. I hope that it does not have anything that bothers my allergies (I have a problem with most,if not all, rose soaps for instance). I might try the lime basil soap, too.

The quickest way that I have ever seen to remove the pomegranate seeds. I would have a container that I was going to throw away (no washing after) or layer bunch of newspaper,etc. to throw the more obviously removed from the seed pieces. I don't like straining and sifting throw floating,for me, the more I can cut down on that the better.

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