Thursday, May 14, 2009

In My Life....

-----Slumdog Millionaire and Doubt finally came in at the library. Tonight we are watching Slumdog Millionaire. Husband, who doesn't get enthusiastic about things like that sometimes, surprised me. Husband had a definite preference as to which movie we watched. I am excited...will be fun. There will be microwave popcorn.
-----My friend has the flu...really bad. Regular flu not swine flu. Husband says is feeling much better....I would say that is relative to how he was feeling before.
-----My Bible is starting to fall apart. Worried that it is not repairable. It is a study Bible and I have used it a LOT.
-----Excited for summer guests to come.
-----We got a dishwasher! It is a sink-top we don't have to pull out cabinets like we were planning to. Right now we will have to hook and unhook it from the sink...but soon we are putting a permanent pipe underneath. It washes six place settings at a time.
-----Our garden is coming along swimmingly...lots of vegetables.

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