Tuesday, May 05, 2009

More work on my Summer Guest menus.....

------Apple Cranberry Cider...I will have to get kitchen thread and cheesecloth bags.I have been needing to get the cheesecloth for a long time. Though it is summer, Husband says cider could be good around the nighttime bonfires.
-----Hot Cranberry Punch. Seems like will be easy to prepare.
-----Iced Mexican Chocolate A recipe from the National Honey Board.
-----Pea Salad. We have loved this recipe each time we have made it. Definitely want to share it with loved ones. Last time I prepared this for relatives, this pea salad went over well.
-----Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad. Uses Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix.
-----Peachy Carrots. I actually have the 2004 issue of Quick Cooking that this came from.
-----French's Crunchy Onion Chicken Tenders. We will serve with a variety of sauces....and have regular chicken tenders for a friend who is allergic to onions.
-----Island Style Ham and Sweet Potato Casserole
-----Chinese Turkey Skillet
-----Baby Pea Soup with Mint, Basil & Chorizo Sausage
-----Farm-fresh eggs....the recipe for that that one is self-explanatory. :-) There is likely a reputable farm somewhere near you that sells them. I would even say worth a road trip if you have other things to do in a farming city. I really recommend using them for baking. Try a properly-cooked over-easy egg made with them....it is so very good compared to those sitting in the store. I just tried my first farm-fresh eggs this month and I am hooked.

If the house guests stay long enough we might buy a case of Blu Frog for people to try. Fun...plus healthier and tastier than a lot of energy drinks. We took Blu Frog with us on a recent trip.


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