Wednesday, May 13, 2009


1. Again

"Thank You Sign"
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Photo by "Cafe-Ole"

Repeat. Again and again and again. Oops, I Did it Again. Play it again, Sam. When practicing something, it is done over and over again.

2. Shower
Wedding shower. Baby shower. April showers bring May flowers. I have a baby shower that I need to start putting together a present for. The weather forecast calls for showers. I am addicted to shower products...and very picky about the scents.

3. Flirting
Married people should not flirt. So much flirting done online. I get really aggravated when people "tease" little kids by saying they are "flirting" with waitresses.

4. Moving on
What people say you should do following a tragedy. The Alabama song "Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler)."

5. Rachel
Rachel Ray.Rachel from the Bible (Jacob's wife whom he had to work so hard to marry). Rachel McAdams from "The Notebook"...the movie was good but I detested the ending of the book.

6. Chips
Fish and chips.Doritos. Paint Chips. Buffalo chips. Tortilla chips. Taco Pizza with lots of taco sauce sounds good right now. Computer chip. CHIPS...the TV series. Chipmunk. Chippendales. Chip N Dale (Disney). Poker chip. Chipped tooth. Microchip.Chocolate chip.

7. Texting
It annoys me when a person who is supposed to be working is texting. Other than that, I love the idea of texting...particularly Twitter. :-)

8. Feel better
Get well soon. Chicken noodle soup. Hugs. My Mother has Stage 4 Breast Cancer,Diabetes, Had a Heart Attack and many other health problems....I desperately want her to Feel Better.

9. Cashmere
My beautiful green Pashmina scarf that I want to get my picture taken with. I keep catching it on my fingernails...scared of ruining the very delicate fabric.

10. Sucked
When I say something "sucks", my Mother/elders do not like it. Vacuum cleaner. I want to get some of the storage bags where the vacuum cleaner sucks all the extra air out...for storage of sweaters and the like. Using a straw...I have some fun straws with pink flamingos attached to them for this Summer.

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