Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Working on Summer Cooking....

This summer we will be having a lot of guests....which means a lot of cooking. I am stocking up on the non-perishables for recipes now....and trying them out to make sure they are palatable.

I have noticed that most of the recipes I find include either things that freeze or go in the fridge as non-perishables. I am trying not to include anything that goes in the fridge...unless it is something we absolutely ALWAYS have on hand.

This is fun. It also teaches me how to be emergency-ready to some extent.

Recipes I am considering:
-----Low Cal Chicken-Tortilla Soup
-----15-Minute Easy Enchiladas
-----Campfire Supper....wondering if it could be done well with bacon.
-----Chicken Spaghetti...though leery, Husband has consented to eventually try it. I also want to convince him to try Shrimp Spaghetti....Husband is way more leery of that. :-)
-----Asparagus Soup...we'll see. A lot of people I know hate any kind of asparagus. We always have plenty of onions on hand.
-----Linguini with Clam Sauce. I want to try both the red and the white sauce.
-----Sweet and Sour Spam....given Spam's reputation that could be an adventure with guests.
-----Fruit Cobbler. Trying different variations.
-----Flour tortillas....handmade tortillas. :-)
-----Fried Indian Bread...rolled in cinnamon and sugar.
-----Garlic Cheese Grits with Ham

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