Thursday, April 30, 2009

I wonder what the mosquitoes would do if I started charging them rent.

A major concern for us this year is mosquitoes. For some reason, whenever it rains water now pools under the grass in a patch of our yard. Luckily,part of this is the location where we want to put a pond/fountain/waterfall arrangement....thus removing part of my concerns over still water.

Just today I was outside taking various buckets/trashbins and spilling water out. Every year it seems like a war on the mosquitoes. I have real problems with mosquito bites and I do not want our dog to get heartworm. West Nile would also be most unpleasant!

It is not so great when you are attempting to show a guest around or work on plants....and getting eaten alive.

I want to put a permanent grill area in and we definitely need a mosquito strategy for that area. I have already advised Husband that there will be lots of citronella tiki torches...if we can stand the smell. I always hold off on mosquito spray as long as I can because I seem to get the taste in my mouth for a long time (every time).

This evening, I also started learning about a mosquito trap called "Mosquito Magnet." It attracts the mosquitoes to some part of your yard by mimicking the presence of a human. If the proper attractants are used, this machine can also get rid of black flies and no-see-ums (the latter I absolutely abhor).


What are you doing to deal with mosquitoes?

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