Saturday, April 11, 2009

Diamonds and such....

Looking at the Blue Nile site this evening....beautiful jewelry. I love my wedding ring (not a Blue Nile piece). I can not wear it though because it needs to be re-pronged and one of the diamonds needs to be re-color-matched. That's depressing.

One thing that is not depressing for me is looking at the Blue Nile site. Someday, I am told that I will get an Anniversary ring....on some special anniversary. As it stands, I want a simple gold band of blue sapphires and diamonds....with the stones not going all the way around. I haven't found out yet if they have one like what I want, but Blue Nile has many other diamond rings.

One can order a diamond ring with a Blue Nile Signature stone before 3:00pm and receive a custom-built diamond ring the next day! Great turnaround time for those wanting to get an engagement ring quickly. I only wish that their was a company who did repairs as quickly!

Blue Nile really tries to offer options. Over 60,000 diamonds and hundreds of rings...that makes for many beautiful engagement ring choices. Looking through I did not find a yellow gold ring...but I did find a few pieces that were suitable for my belief that a woman should buy herself a few quality pieces.

I liked:
-----Sapphire and Half-Moon Shaped Diamond Ring in Platinum. I would like to see
what this one looks like in see the unique shape of the diamonds.
From the picture I would say that the diamonds really highlight the sapphire.

-----Pear-Shape Sapphire and Diamond Pendant in 18K White Gold


I must thank Blue Nile for the nifty ring-sizer that they sent me years ago. I keep it in my jewelry box and have used it many times. Wow....I have been a Blue Nile fan for years now. :-)

Blue Nile's Proposal Story section...because I am sappy.


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