Saturday, March 28, 2009

In My Life....

-----Looking at vinyl shutters. Not sure if we are ever going to get such. If we did put on shutters though, they would have to be thicker and sturdier than most (as the Larson shutters that I linked to claim to be). We do not get strong winds all the time....but the last time we had to move a plastic chair that was actually hurling itself through the air on the porch. Good/functional shutters would definitely help protect from the stray chair,cat, etc. :-)
-----German beer added to one's Sloppy Joes is good. :-)We had that for dinner yesterday and will be having leftovers tonight.
-----Sinus problems galore.I am having to be very cautious as my ears keep hurting. I don't think I have an ear infection...but I am monitoring myself for such.
-----My mother is in her next to last week of chemo!
-----No one has stolen our newspaper lately. No one has stolen the coupons from our newspaper lately. Coincidentally, my suspect for this has moved. Coincidence?...I think not.
-----Ha!Ha! Husband agrees with me that shutters would be a good idea. :-)


ThomasLB said...

Have you tried a neti pot for your sinuses? (I've been trying to work up the courage.)

G-NET Inc. said...


I know this is not the best place to leave this message, but i couldnt find a way to contact you from your blog. I was wondering if you could consider adding these sites to your "Eurkea :" list of sites on the right of your blog/

The sites are:

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I appreciate your consideration.




I have not tried a netti pot though it has been suggested to me. I have a relative that uses one or something similar...I should ask about their experience.


At first I thought that you were spam, due to the misspelling of Eureka.

I will add the copper sinks link. I like that there are also faucets listed on this site.

I will have to look at the stone sinks....something I have not necessarily been interested in before. I may be adding this link.

Hope that your life/business is going well.

I micro-blog a little while I will Twitter that I found another place for copper sinks. :-)

I love copper sinks. We are going to have to pull out an entire LONG cabinet setup before I have one of my own. I also have my eye on etched copper sinks for bathrooms at some point.

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