Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What I Tweeted......Monday's Tweets

  • 23:56 Watching the latest episode of 90210.
  • 12:40 I kid you not.....the cushions on our sofa are missing. Doggie has hidden them somewhere.
  • 15:05 Just did my daily click on the Breast Cancer site.
  • 16:03 Listen to Elvis singing Little Egypt.....loud. Makes me smile.
  • 16:09 In a Little Nell mood today. Listening to "Stillettos and Lipstick" on JustHearIt.
  • 16:11 Listening to Little Nell "See You Round Like a Record." Voice reminds me a little of Cyndi Lauper here.
  • 16:13 Smiling at the end of Little Nell's "See You Round Like a Record."
  • 16:24 Got Doggie to dance a little with me to Little Nell's "Fever." This is my fave version of the song.
  • 16:58 Punishment Park....not my fave Adam Ant to listen to. Wow....must go to next song on playlist.
  • 17:11 Doggie is sleeping cuddled up to my feet. I am listening to Eddie Money. Thinking of getting up to get glass of water.
  • 17:18 Listening to Eddie Money's Endless Nights. Drinking cider vinegar and water with touch of lemon juice....good for immune system.
  • 17:23 Listening to DJ Mystik's version of "Send Me An Angel."
  • 17:25 RT @EmperorNorton: SOBERING --> This is why you are fat --> thisiswhyyourefat.com/
  • 17:31 Listening to Dick Brave's cover of "Black or White."
  • 17:37 Listening to Bill Anderson "Will the Circle Be Unbroken."
  • 17:59 I didn't know that Bob Dylan wrote "Knockin' on Heaven's Door."
  • 18:09 Another song I don't like today....Jon Bon Jovi, "Bang a Drum."
  • 18:54 RT @DavidFeng: Nissan to slash 20,000 jobs, sees annual loss ff.im/Z2cD
  • 18:58 @QueenofSpain Will be waiting to see. re your New Project :-)
  • 19:09 Checking e-mails every day. Hoping to get a BlogHership. I would enjoy the convention so much.
  • 19:31 I have just hit 1,000 followers. :-)
  • 19:32 Finding out that the missing Utah girl was a hoax. tinyurl.com/buyap7
  • 21:25 RT @dluxelist Whole Foods Chocolate Fest 2/11. MD, DC, VA, KY, PA, OH, southern NJ stores!5-7pm, sample chocolate bars, cakes, drinks,more
  • 22:27 @frugalfreebies Just wanted to tell you that I enjoy your blog. Glad to see that you are on Twitter.
  • 23:44 Entered giveaway -traditional King Cake (from Haydel'sBakery) tinyurl.com/djgysb

The above are some of my Tweets for Monday. I took out Tweets if they were a reply,if they were personal, etc......whatever reason I felt was appropriate. I also left in Tweets for whatever reason I felt was appropriate. I have also added links on some Tweets...this is a blog after all. :-)

I am @bluestbutterfly on Twitter.


-----The CW offers FREE viewing of full episodes of several programs. I watch 90210 and America's Next Top Model. I would love to watch whatever was already shot of the canceled show Valentine....and wish that the CW would put it up on Hulu (also a free viewing site....if you didn't already know....has so many great series and movies).

The Breast Cancer Site

No-strings-attached. All you do is click...and the sponsors make a donation. You can click once daily....I do. Proceeds go to free mammograms for those in need. My mother has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer and is currently undergoing chemo.


JustHearIt is a free site where you can listen to just about every song you could think of. I like it because it is a legal way to listen to music....the royalties get paid. I have applied to get into the Private Beta so I can try out the full features of the site.

I also frequent another site like this called Songza (royalties paid...free music). I am starting to like JustHearIt better though....it moves a little faster and has a playlist option.

I use both of these services to research any band or song that I have never heard of. I am currently interested in a band called "Carolina Liar" that I saw on the most recent episode of 90210.

-----Little Nell's See You Round Like a Record ends with her repeating "See You Round Like a Record" in a manner that sounds like a broken record.
-----Punishment Park is a particularly annoying Adam Ant song. My fave Adam Ant album is "Manners & Physique."
-----I want to start listening to and collecting different versions of "Will the Circle Be Unbroken." I find this to be a particularly moving song. I like to collect different versions of a song.


Frugal Freebies is a blog that I love to work my way through. It is a Canadian-based blog....so, a lot of the offers are for Canadians. It is obvious to me that the author puts a lot of work into their blog.


How did I compile the list at the top of this post?
I now use LoudTwitter to retrieve my blogs every day.....they are sent to my e-mail. :-)
-The dotted underlines are something that LoudTwitter adds....those don't seem to be working right now.

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