Monday, February 16, 2009

Time for me to get new glasses.

I absolutely need at least a new pair of lenses. I can tell when I am is "off," eye starts tilting outward more, sometimes the other eye starts tilting outward and I get headaches. Obviously, I have eye problems.

My lenses are super-expensive and only help the above problem a little (a problem I sometimes make artwork out of). I wear them as a "Clark Kent" disguise. I don't like that people say negative things to me when I don't wear them (and sometimes when I do). I hope that Zenni is able to work with my prescription....but haven't figured out if they can yet.

I often look at Zenni....because I would like to have a larger glasses wardrobe and I enjoy telling others how they can save money on such an expensive item. Prescription eyeglasses for only $8!....seriously, many pairs are that low on Zenni. The reason the prices are so low, is that Zenni makes their own frames and sells them directly to customers....obviously the world of eye-wear would be so different if all the companies did that. :-)

Zenni Optical in the New York Times?!....there are a lot of tips in this article about how to take care of your eyesight in these tough economic times.

I will eventually get some fun green compliment green outfits. I am immensely fond of the color green. :-)

For now, I am looking for something that is titanium...and for good reason-titanium is strong. My current glasses are a little worse for wear after an incident in which I knocked them off the chair and then tripped/stepped on them while trying to pick them up. I need strong glasses. Titanium frames are usually pretty,too.

Seeing Straight Without Breaking Bank . Again, if you have to pay a lot for eye-care, go read the New York Times article....hopefully, this will help.


Sleepypete said...

My last pair survived being hit by a cricket ball ! Ok, the nose pieces were a little deranged by Glasses vs Nose but they bent back out ok :-)

Those green ones would be amazing with green stuff - either clothes or something like emerald earrings.

One thing I always go for now too is integrated shades. The ones with claws do ok but magnet ones are far better. Prescription shades are ok but you can go shade-noshade much easier with clip on types (i.e. without scaring the driver of the car next to you by taking glasses off-putting glasses on!). Trouble is, I think those have gone out of fashion.

If you look at Zenni -> Half Rim Frames -> bottom of Page 3, you'll see a few of what I mean :-)

PS My sign for "My glasses are too old" is depth perception ! If I wait too long, I can't read distance properly, which can make it embarassing when trying to catch :-)


Yes....the green glasses would look amazing. I cannot wear earrings ears try to grow around them no matter what metal. I am looking at making some old-fashioned earbobs....something that loops over my ears. Sounds silly but what I have in mind will look awesome....kind of like the beaded trim on the bottom of old lamps.

I always go for the built-in shades now. Most people are surprised when you tell them how little this cost....even via someplace super-commercial.


What I mean by Built-In Shades is when your glasses change to sunglasses with temperature changes.Costs about 40 dollars to have done.

My grandmother used to wear the kind that go over the top of your glasses. An older friend of mine also does this. I did not know that their is a magnetic way to do this. I will have to tell my friend....does it stay on well?

Sleepypete said...

I've never been convinced by the Reactalite (tradename over here) lenses ... I'd wear my glasses to run around in the field for cricket and it would be "inconvenient" for them to darken when I lifted my head for a high catch when it was sunny :-)

Now might be a bit different though - I've not been playing cricket much so the "the world's just gone dark!!!" problem doesn't apply so much :-)

The magnetic ones vary. My last ones were great but I'd not have too much confidence to run around in my latest. The last ones attached via two magnets on the bridge, with a metal pimple fitting into a hole to keep them in place. Solid :-) The new ones attach via magnets close to the hinges for the legs, not so much confidence there.

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