Sunday, February 22, 2009

Keys You Can't Lose.....

Reading about keyless locks...particularly fingerprint door locks. This is a totally new concept to me.

The first things that occurs to me is that doors opened by fingerprint would save a lot of money on re-keying. When a person is no longer welcome or allowed at a location, their access could be easily denied. This would be great for any landlord who could afford to do such.

For people who must leave their (hopefully old enough) children at home this eliminates the chance of them opening the door to strangers....well maybe. Perhaps it could if there were a lock device on both sides of the door.

For some, AxissBiometrics and like keyless locks would not be an option. You have to have defined ridge patterns on your fingers...and some just do not have that. What happens when more than one person that you need to have access has this issue???....are you back to where you started with security problems (lost,stolen duplicated keys)?

What do you think of keyless locks? Would you consider using one/installing a whole system?


ThomasLB said...

I prefer mechanical things. I'd hate to be locked out in the rain because of a short-circuit, a software bug, or a dead battery.

David said...

i have keyless on my 1997 ford explorer - it is useful when you might have locked yourself out.


True....on lock outs. Both of you.

One wonders if some way can be developed around the problems. I don't use the fingerprint suite on my laptop right now....because I am scared that I will get locked out some how.

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