Saturday, February 07, 2009

My Tweets.....

00:07 Chris Pirillo talking about time zones. I used 2 talk bout religion,news,etc. in chats.Got tired of people who demanded to talk til dawn.
00:29 Just did my daily click on the Breast Cancer site.
00:49 Listening to Michael Damian's "Rock On." Seeing if I can get some of his directorial efforts from library.
01:19 Listening to Loretta Lynn's Van Lear Rose Album. Taking it to Mother tomorrow. Mom seems to be doing well with chemo.
01:27 Doggie just tried to snitch my hat...glad to have retrieved it in time. Would have quickly become a wrestling toy.
12:00 Excited to see if LoudTwitter will work for me. I get my first set of Tweets to export to my blog at the end of this evening.
12:02 Listening to audio from Flight 1549 crash.
12:16 Sending Mozilla a crash report. Trying to give them as much info on crashes as possible. At least the Beta crashes less.
12:17 Running my blog through Backlink Watch.
12:19 OK...not fun. Firefox decided to crash.....twice. I don't like other browsers so far. Stuck with my defective friend, Firefox.
12:27 Just read that @QueenofSpain is dumping GoDaddy. I wonder if it had to do with the SuperBowl ads.
12:31 How to transfer domain name from GoDaddy.
22:36 Husband has now consented to try chicken spaghetti next time we cook chicken.
22:37 Looking for a good site to buy a sturdy wheelbarrow from. Sturdy...not decorative like so many of them now.
23:06 Watching Charlton Heston in The Awakening. Ian McDermott is in this movie. Based on a Bram Stoker novel.

These are some of my Tweets within the last 24 hours or so. I took out personal interactions, smiley faces, etc. When I am posting I also put links into the Tweets...that wouldn't be there in 140 characters or less. :-)

These Tweets were retrieved via LoudTwitter (which I am trying out and liking so far).I have LoudTwitter send my Tweets to my e-mail. LoudTwitter can also post directly to your blog...but not with Blogger.

Chris talks about how to back up your Tweets from Twitter (in the above video). He has a point....I worry about my blog at times. I want to be able to show my blog and my Tweets to people for years to come...and would even like my ancestors to see them. Yes, I think about things like who I will leave my Blog to. :-)

The Breast Cancer Site

This is no-strings-attached. All you do is click and the sponsors make a donation. You CAN CLICK ONCE DAILY. Proceeds go to free mammograms for those in need. My Mother has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. :-(

I often listen to things like Michael Damian's "Rock On" on Songza. Songza utilizes things like YouTube.....and makes sure that the artists gets paid. It's free....and you can find almost any artist/song.
-----Michael Damian's "Rock On" on Songza...I even have Husband singing it now. :-)
-----Michael performing "Rock On" live at Clifton Common on Songza. Having that young lady dance on stage with him was a very neat move. :-)
I think that I will watch some of the movie that Michael has acted in....right now I am busy trying to find "House of Forever.

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