Sunday, February 01, 2009

My Super Bowl Experience.....

-----I did not pick a team to cheer for before the game. Life has been so stressful lately that I did not realize this until the Kickoff Show started. I then looked at the teams and made a sudden decision to support the Steelers. I felt postive about the fact that the Steelers have a good defense. Obama and I were cheering for the same side today.
-----I ended up having a solo Super Bowl experience. No one in my family or extended family was interested in watching. Just me and Doggie. That was depressing.
-----Doggie went on a Potty Strike, would not eat salmon treat and eventually had an upset stomach.
-----My hand hurt because I somehow cracked open the skin during my sleep.
-----I noted that a lot of detail was present in this year's game.
-----My hand slipped and I splashed both hands with Aquamarine Chrome nail polish. I decided to clean the front of my hands, not worry about the back and proceed with the manicure. :-)
-----Jennifer Hudson looked understandably nervous at the beginning of the National Anthem.
-----I was happy to see the Cardinals using strategy. I was happy to see a Challenge calmly issued at the beginning of the game.
-----Husband was not thrilled with the combined smell of salmon treat and the vinegar that I initially used on the Doggie mess when he surprisingly came home during the middle of the game.
-----I learned about what a "false start" is....going ahead of when permitted (versus a fair start or clean start). I am glad to see that warnings are initially given. This has to be a nerve-wracking game.
-----I decided that I will watch the new G.I. Joe movie. The trailer looked interesting. I expected a live action of G.I. Joe to be boring.
-----The GoDaddy commercial was annoying....very annoying.
-----Visited the activity set up on Twitter. The Twitterbowl was primarily for people not watching the game and a lot of good causes were mentioned during this time.

Then I suddenly had a chance to go grocery shopping. Those who know me in real life, will readily agree that I would choose grocery shopping over the SuperBowl. I love to grocery shop. I find it a fun challenge to come up with options within whatever budget. I also love finding new things at the grocery. I got back just in time to see the Steelers celebrating on the field.


David said...

Husband noses can be fussy things.
false start, a good lesson there
Go daddy was MORE than annoying, I hope they go bankrupt!
grocery shopping in our wealthy society is a joy, and adventure, and a challenge. I loved the National anthem and God bless America by Faith Hill. The game was good, from start to finish, because of Netchick, and my visitor comments.
I atr mostly healthy foods

Sleepypete said...

They did a good job with the pre-match anthems. I guess I got used to what would happen before World Series Baseball games where the tradition seems to be for the singer to well and truly butcher the anthem. But that didn't happen last night :-)

Good game, although I gave up to go to bed in the middle of the 3rd quarter due to inconvenient time zone :-)



-I agree on the Fussy Husband Nose Phenomenon....:-)
-Some commentators thought the GoDaddy commercial was successful because it was so sleazy. All the people that I have talked to did not like all.
-I do like GoDaddy as a company.
-Glad that you ate mostly healthy foods. We bought almost all healthy foods...super healthy actually. I am GOOD grocery shopper and enjoyed teaching Husband another one of my shopping techniques.
-I just found out that Netchick was doing the Michele-style Meet N'Greet. :-) I will be participating.


I was impressed with the anthems,too.

I have yet to find any legal footage of the Springsteen performance that I missed. I would really like to see more than just a description of it.

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