Monday, February 16, 2009

Blogosphere/Twitterverse Join to Protest NZ's "Guilt By Accusation" Law

Internet Protests Upcoming New Zealand Copyright Laws...these rather unreasonable laws will take effect at the end of this month. In what essentially amounts to "Guilt by Accusation," alleged copyright violators will have there websites suspended before any investigation. Imagine the havoc this could cause if someone wanted to halt your business' competition or simply did not like you. I have also read that there are no penalties proposed for false accusations.

Some of my Twitter Followers who are protesting:
-----Event Finder...a New Zealand events and gig guide
-----Mauricio Freitas....from New Zealand
-----Johnathon Gunson....from New Zealand
-----Paul Le Comte....from New Zealand
-----jjprojects....from Australia.Born and raised in New Zealand
-----Tempest Devyne....from the Midlands
-----Digital Maverick....from England
-----westderby....from Liverpool,England
-----queen_kitty71....from Glasgow
-----Hadaii....from Belgium
-----Nancy Zimmerman....from Vancouver,B.C.
-----Jerell Klaver....from Colorado
-----Tom....gadget geek and tech nerd from Oklahoma
-----Indiana Jim

I hope that eventually I see nothing but black squares among my Followers.It's a virtual black-out that I hope spreads around the world. Have you blacked out your Avatar yet?

More on the effects this law could have

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