Saturday, February 07, 2009

-----Recipe: Chef Ji's Sparkling Scarlet Sangria I don't know if I will be able to try this one. For some reason, all sangria that I have tasted makes me sick...yet to figure out what the common denominator is.
-----Hell's Kitchen is on this list of "Top Fifteen Places to Eat on TV."
-----Recipe: Smoked Southwestern Chicken Enchiladas with Poblano Cream...Colleen's "Signature Dish" from the first episode.
-----Andrea is a line cook....what an appropriate career for this show.
-----I think that Gordon handled the "Elimination" with such compassion. I hope to see that contestant at a restaurant/on the show in the future.
-----Microwave Risotto...takes about 30 minutes of prep and 30 minutes of cooking. The recipe says to use real Parmesan....who would use that much fake Parmesan???


David said...

i do not like the shows where some "chef" is allowed to yell at, bully and be a jerk, just for the entertainment of the viewers.
Just My opinion


In the USA, the words that Ramsay says are bleeped out.

I think though that those aspiring to the position come out of it with a new strength. The reality is that there are chefs like that.....who get angry not out of superiority, but passion for their art. I admire the people who can make it through this Boot Camp of sorts.....and I am happy that they usually get better job positions.

I think Ramsay is talented. I have also seen great compassion from him.

In real life, some of the mistakes these chefs make are intolerable. Such mistakes would result in loss of business and/or disciplinary action. At points in their real careers, they will be subjected to this much stress.

Personally, I watch the show to pick up cooking techniques and ideas. I watch each episode several times over and take notes.


Ramsay also shows great wisdom in whom he eliminates....that does not always happen on a reality show.

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