Thursday, January 29, 2009

The wonderful world of Freebies.

I am the Queen of Trying out new things. :-)

Links to samples I have on the way:
-----Bee Pollen. Has so MANY health benefits.
-----The new Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almond True Delights from Quaker. These are granola. I am very picky about the flavor/texture of my granola....again, we will see.
-----Celine Dion "Sensational" Fragrance. Says that you can try it. I hope that this actually means you get to try it. I like to see how the scent/ingredients interact with my skin. I have regretted many a perfume purchase.
-----Diet Dr. Pepper. I saw all sorts of Dr. Pepper logos at the "Peach Pit" in the latest episode of the way.

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