Thursday, January 22, 2009

Things You Will Find and Things You Won't:
Stuff People Have Searched My Blog For

-----Will Find:
"Molly Herencia"...I did a September 11 tribute about her. I am sad to say that she passed away in the September 11th attack. I will include Molly in my tribute this year,too. I participate in the 2,996 Voices Project every year.

-----Will Find:
"Val's Art Diary"...all sorts of stuff on this. For instance, the video below. The "chupacabra" comment made me laugh. I think a video like this is a great/delightful alternative to the traditional "Artist Statement."

-----Will Find:
I am in the Fair Tax Fans blogroll. I am not sure if/how one can join this blogroll anymore. The original site that I joined from seems to be down. :-(

-----Will Find:
Discussion of of "Pamela Anderson's Google Dress." Another thing a lot of people come here looking for.

-----Will Find:
Discussion of "shower exercises." I like trying to sneak exercise in wherever I can...especially since I have thyroid problems. Be VERY CAREFUL if you do choose to do exercises in the shower.

-----Will Find:
blogs "breezes resorts"....I would like to go one as part of a vow renewal. Here is what I wrote about Breezes Resorts. I am a big fan of all-inclusive vacations. :-)

-----Will Find:
Women's: The Breakfast Club - The Rebel

Women's: The Breakfast Club - The RebelBuy this T-Shirt at

This t-shirt was posted as a part of something I used to do on a regular basis...a post called "Hidden Talent Show." What is your hidden talent?

-----Will Find:
"pepsi max bacon" I write this I am the top result. My entry about Pepsi Max does not mention bacon....but I do talk about bacon a lot.
Examples of bacon-things-I-have mentioned:
~~~Bacon Bourbon and Coke
~~~Bacon and Egg Bandages (mentioned as a part of a Thursday Thirteen....I miss Thursday Thirteens)
~~~Chocolate-Covered Bacon
~~~Bacon Floss (don't think I would like)
~~~Homemade Bacon Vodka
~~~A blog called "Bacon is My Enemy"
~~~Rachel Ray once made a bacon/lettuce/leek BLT
~~~I like bacon and cheese dip when eating potato chips (I seldom eat potato chips)
~~~Bacon Popcorn
~~~Leek and Bacon Breakfast Sandwich
~~~How to make bacon soap
:-)For all the mentions of bacon....I seldom eat bacon.

-----Won't Find:
"Bejeweled 2 Key"....still don't have anything like a Bejeweled Key,Code or Crack. I just mentioned that I sometimes play the game. I get a lot of traffic as a result of people looking for keys, codes and cracks. Today I discovered a free game similar to Bejeweled called "Sports Smash". I played Sports Smash and my first score was 28,500.

-----Won't Find:
"Music Sharing Coffee Shop"....I am not sure the RIAA would be so happy with that one.

-----Won't Find:
"sfx contact lenses group yahoo"....though I do like 9mm SFX lenses. These are theatrical contact lenses. 9mm SFX has a new "Twilight" lense design.

-----Won't Find:
"Hobbies of Jennifer Lopez." People are often searching for the hobbies of different celebrities.

-----Won't Find:
"Hobby shops in Saudi Arabia" least I don't remember ever writing about a hobby shop in Saudi Arabia. I did write about a Bossaball tour that took place in the Middle East...and that is what got me on the first page of results for "Hobby Shops in Saudia Arabia." I would love to play Bossaball.

The above video was of the Bossaball Summer Tour Middle East 2008 (with footage shot in Kuwait and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia). There is a Bossaball Club in Kuwait.

-----Won't Find:
"phytonutrients in drumstic"....though I sometimes talk about blueberries. I sometimes link to recipes that have phytonutrients (like a salad and dressing recipe for Tender Greens with Prosciutto).

-----Won't Find:
"Create a virtual crocodile"...I was writing about Steve Irwin and I own "A Virtual Hobby Store and Coffee Shop."

Other things searched for:
"coffee shops stores"
"pepsi store"
"bacon pepsi max commercial"
"shop blogspot"
"photos of coffee shops"
"what can be done for the promotions of a coffee shop"
"buy bossaball" and "bossaball kuwait photo"


Sleepypete said...

I get people looking for "indoor cricket tactics" - they're 10% of the traffic at the moment. Not sure if they go away with much wisdom though :-)

Also get searched for "what's your birthday mean". "Alisha's Attic illumina" is another one, as is "itunes marathon".

The searches for "pillow games" sound a little kinky but seeing searches for "domination games" is a little on the disturbing side. And people searching for "Babes with Ak47" aren't likely to find any pictures that would interest them.

"Earth shatter wow" is understandable with some of the things I've put in about Warcraft.

I'm proud of being No 1 on Google for "indoor cricket tactics" and "sleepypete" :-)


Have you ever played indoor cricket?

Sleepypete said...

I used to organise and captain a side that took players from the team I work for :-) The site is big enough and with lots of different teams that we had a league going with about 12 teams in. 6 a side games in the gym hall on site.

It worked out pretty well for a run around after work. The "indoor cricket tactics" hits coming into my blog are most likely because I used to do match reports after games. The post they reach though is one where I explained the way we played it on site.

Good fun while it lasted but the league kinda fizzled out after a while. I think the organiser got busy with project work, plus I wouldn't be able to play any more because my bowling is too dangerous now due to shoulder injury.

bernie said...

I am the top search for muslim goat sex even without putting the phrase in quotes. I hope they don't put that on my tombstone.

Bernie from Planck's Constant

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