Monday, January 05, 2009

Pepsi Max

This commercial is a lot different than past commercials. Times have changed as to what is allowed in commercials. I know that the still to start the commercial has a woman's chest....but this commercial does not have exactly the content one would expect from such a still. What do you think of this commercial?

I guess one of the ladies in the commercial is model Kelly Brook. Pepsi actually has a way to get racier images of this model via mobile phone. Again, a different-sort-of-action for a soda pop company to take.

I have not had Pepsi Max and do not know what is different about it. The most I have ever seen of Pepsi Max is a co-worker drinking a can...once.

Pepsi Max is a low-calorie beverage and it is sugar-free. (Thomas mentioned in the comments though that there is a lot of caffeine).

-----Pepsi Max Big One.....tallest ride in the UK.Rollercoaster. I downloaded a video of a front seat view of the ride. I have never been on a coaster where one was looking down at driving cars....would be different to me. This made me realize that I should (carefully) use my video camera at amusement parks. Here is a nice view of the Pepsi Max Big One at night.
-----Is it okay to drink Pepsi Max while breastfeeding?


ThomasLB said...

Pepsi Max is the same as Diet Pepsi, with one big difference: it has twice the caffeine.

It bothers me that our culture is so casual about caffeine. It's an addictive substance, but any kid can buy it without his parents even knowing.


Pop in general makes me sleepy....that is probably not good news.

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