Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My corner of the Twitterverse.....

Some of the people that I follow on Twitter:
-----Lifecruiser. One of my longtime Internet friends. I run into her everywhere. Lifecruiser travels a lot (both online and in RL). Looks so prepared to travel in her Twitter Avatar. Loves Dom Perignon....something I have never had. Recommends Dom Perignon Oenotheque 1995 and Dom Perignon 2000.
-----thattalldude.Passionate about rural am I. On a personal note, I also like to bring a little bit of rural America to the suburbs (as in urban farming). Plays the drums...I am not sure which genre(s) of music for. Is enthusiastic and often has something kind to say.
-----mousewords. A writer. Survived carbon monoxide poisoning. I just read about a teenager who recently passed away from carbon monoxide poisoning while at a sleepover. We have a carbon monoxide dectector....but it sometimes gets pushed aside by the guest bed or the dog who tries to eat it. Our carbon monoxide dectector usually is near the floor but in a bathroom (no jokes, please). If you don't have a carbon monoxide dectector, go get one...especially when you are sleeping at the ground level.
-----Shannon Hubbell. Brought up something that I had never thought of before-how many jobs are created by the IPod?
-----Jeff Tippett. Has watched Dark Knight three times. I haven't even watched it once.
-----Micah Alpern. Director of Design for Social Search at Yahoo.
-----ted on twitter.....the founder of Izea. Likes sake. I have asked him for recommendations on a good sake.
-----orchid8. Has problems with cedar pollen. I wish that I knew specifically which pollen I had problems with. I will have to watch the pollen counts for specific mentions of what numbers are high...then chart it all out and figure it out that way.

A post/list-in-progress right now. :-)


ThomasLB said...

I have a twitter account here. I don't post to it, but there are a handful of people I enjoy following. Mostly cartoonists.


My user name is "bluestbutterfly." I Twitter a "Twitter Grade" is 99.4 out of a 100, currently. My tweets can also be found in the stuff on my sidebar.

I am going to follow your profile....that way I can explore the interesting people that you find. :-)

Lifecruiser said...

Yes, we really bumps into each other everywhere, such nice surprises :-) How sweet of you to mention me here.

Wow, Carbon monoxide poisoning? Never heard of anyone dying from it other than on purpose before. Great to bring it into the light again though. It's such a unnecessary death cause.

Cheers to Twitter!


I have learned so MUCH from so MANY people on Twitter.I know that I will learn so much more.

I am slowly going through those I follow and making sure that I truly do interact with them. I enjoy having online "friends"....a lot of them I consider very good friends.

I really want to find a better place for our carbon monoxide detector. Though it should be effective....still want a place that makes us feel more secure.


I will be doing more posts like this. :-)

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