Saturday, January 10, 2009

More of my life.....

-----I am planning to become my mother's library...via my library card and Amazon. She is very ill and the inactivity/waiting for the various diagnosis is frustrating. My mother is a voracious reader and movie viewer. This is something I can do for her. Almost over this stupid cold so I will be able to do so.
-----A lady I met told me the most fascinating/gross/funny baby shower game. Take small baby diapers, microwave chocolate candy bars in microwave and put the chocolate in the diapers. Attendees must sniff the diapers and then taste to try to guess whether is a KitKat,PayDay,etc.
-----Music suggestions anyone? Music usually cheers me when I am stressed but I have not been able to relax this way lately. Maybe some new suggestions will help.


ThomasLB said...

I'm sorry you're going through a rough time.

One movie that always cheers me up is "Broadway Danny Rose." I think you'd like it.

Music is a little harder, because people's tastes vary so much. Arlo Guthrie has a lot of good music out there, and the album "Precious Friend" that he did with Pete Seeger is a favorite of mine.


I have either heard you mention that movie on your blog or in my comments before. I am going to see if the library has it. Who is in Broadway Dannie Rose and what is it about?

I like to explore all types of music. There is usually some facet of each genre that I like. I have been noticing though that the same old songs don't work with me lately.

I like Pete Seeger. I am going to look for Arlo Guthrie/Pete Seeger/Precious Friend on Songza. Thank you.

Thank you for being supportive. Hugs.

ThomasLB said...

"Broadway Danny Rose" is a Woody Allen movie, but it's much different than his others. It's just a sweet, charming little story about friendship. The ending will make you feel good.

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