Thursday, January 22, 2009

Could your pocketbook/insurance/LIFE afford to have to pay up front for major medical treatment????


Learn Hebrew with pictures and audio.


This evening we are watching "Charlton Heston Presents the Bible: Story of Moses." A lot of beautiful artwork and land is shown in this series.



ThomasLB said...

I don't have insurance, and have very little money in the bank. If I have to pay upfront, then I will die.

In America, life itself is now a commodity; if you can't afford it, you can't have it.


Through a series of mishaps wherein the insurance company lost my payments and then wanted payments in an unreasonable amount of time (after finding the payments that they lost turned around and made situation worse, I no longer have insurance either. I was paying a LOT for the best insurance that I could find. I used to pay out of pocket though and that is what I will have to do. The thing I am scared of is major the breast cancer that I now find myself more genetically susceptible to getting.

I would not necessarily die though. I am often researching natural ways and fundings for different diseases....those that people I know have, those I am susceptible to and preventative measures. There are a lot of options/programs that Big Medicine and Big Media do not give much coverage to.

I agree with you about life being a commodity in America.

Another thing that bothers me:
People are often like vultures who want others "stuff." I kid you not....twice yesterday I had total strangers mention to me things about what they hoped to get (or young daughters hope to get) in Wills. In one case, I really wished that the woman's Mother could hear her right that second.

The only things that I have inherited from anyone are things that others would consider "junk" or did not want. In one case, I think the joke may have been especially on the person who went through the items. I do not think I received what was fully intended for me to receive.....but what I got meant so much more to me as it was what I remember about that loved one. I am sure that I would not have gotten it if the persons who rearranged the "stuff" had known that I would consider it treasure.

I have seen people arguing/posturing about "stuff" before the person is even dead....and in front of them. No one ever believes me when I say this, thinking I have to be like them, but I find this REPUGNANT.

ThomasLB said...

I agree with you. I have my memories; let other people fight over the stuff.

The only thing I've ever asked for are Christmas ornaments. When someone I cared for dies, I ask the family for one of the ornaments that hung on their tree. Then when we hang their ornament on our tree, we think of them. It's a nice way to remember.


I hope it does not come to that with my Mother anytime soon. The only thing that I would want is a lock of her hair and now there will be chemo. At least I have a picture of how beautiful my Mother's hair is.

I like your Christmas ornament idea. A beautiful way to remember. I think that I will make ornaments with photos of all my loved ones this year (both alive and not). Thank you.

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