Thursday, January 22, 2009

January is National Soup Month.

Recipes That We Are Trying

Barley Turkey Soup
I need to start stocking-up-on/making chicken broth again. The price of buying chicken broth has certainly gone, I need to look for the sales.

I do not always like the smell of celery in soup and the quality is very poor here lately.....I am going to split the ingredients in the batch in four parts. Soups sometimes don't taste much different when celery is left out of a recipe. I also want to try this soup with cabbage. Plus, Husband and I both usually detest parsley.
This means my 4 batches will be:
-With no celery
-With cabbage instead of celery
-With parsley
-With parsley and cabbage.
The batches will be prepared in that, I don't loose too much to possibly-a-bad-choice-for-us-parsley. Yes, I do have the patience to do something this way. :-)

Other specifics for me:
  • The barley.....I have never seen it at the grocery store.
  • The veggies....will be sauteed first (as many in the comments suggested). I often do this with soup. I will put in tiny bits of all the loose spices when I am sauteeing. At this point, I will also had some minced garlic.
  • The onion.....will be Vidalia. Always our onion of choice. We like the mildly sweeter taste.
  • The bay leaf....we usually leave out bay leaves. I have a lot of bay leafs to use up.
  • If I try this recipe again...I might try substituting a small amount of vegetable broth at some point. Too much vegetable broth usually results in bathroom issues for me.
  • If I try this recipe again...I will do one where I try my 4 batch variations with potato.
I am looking forward to seeing how each of my soup portions smells.


Brown Bean Chowder
"Bean" and "chowder" are not words that I have heard together before. I want to see if I can find other Bean Chowder recipes.

I will be serving this with the traditional cinnamon rolls some other time. I have never heard of eating pinto beans and cinnamon rolls together before and do want to try it. First though, I would like to serve this with some sake.

Other specifics for me:
  • Of course, we will use Vidalia onions.
  • If we make this again or have leftovers: We will try it with tortilla chips (as someone suggested in the commentss).
  • I am not really sure if I would like this as a "beans and rice" dish.....but we will try that at some point,too. I am very picky about my rice dishes....particularly with beans.

Apple Bacon Tomato Soup
Again, we will use cabbage instead of celery.

We will use the white the recipe calls for. If I try the recipe again, I will use Vidalia....just need to figure out if that taste will fit in.

We will serve this with Mozarella on the side. I wonder if any other cheeses would be good on the top.


Other soups we are looking at trying:
Baked Beef Stew
California Italian Wedding Soup
Beef and Wine Soup with Dumplings
Cabbage Goulash
BLT Soup
Brussel Sprouts and Barley Soup

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