Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hoping to see the bees.....

This is a licensed photo by Henry Chan.
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Title: "Busy Bees"
Bees on blooming flowers of a palm tree

It is a difficult year for beekeepers and almond farmers. I had not noticed that the price of almonds had gone down....will have to check that out next time that I go to the grocery.

You can help with observing the bees by joining The Great Sunflower Project. Yes, some sunflowers have pollen and attract bees....I did not know that. If you agree to report bee observations, The Great Sunflower Project will send a FREE packet of sunflower seeds (that may attract bees).

I will blog my bee observations this summer. Next year, we are planning to do backyard beekeeping. I am a little scared of the bees but I really want to have them. This past summer, we had a lot of bees attracted to our butterfly garden. This summer, we will concentrate a lot on expanding our selection of plants that attract bees,hummingbirds,birds and butterflies.

Unusual honey recipes:
-----Coffee poached pears with curried honey. I did not know that curry powder goes with just about any fruit. This is supposed to be a light fruit dessert...suitable for something like Valentine's Day. I am intrigued by the layered flavors.
-----Honey Cake Pudding. A traditional South African pudding.Cake-like. I will be trying this one soon.
-----Polish honey cake

I am also subscribing to a FREE newsletter called "The Honey Feast." This newsletter is published every three weeks by the National Honey Board (goes out via e-mail). The National Honey Board includes an entire meal plan in their newsletter....often complete with vegetarian alternatives. The newsletter sometimes includes tips on cooking with honey and info on honey research. :-)

-----What Co-Operative Farms, Britain's biggest farmer is doing to protect bees. I am banning all but natural pest control methods from my garden....whether harmful or not to bees, definitely harmful to the butterflies.
-----Experiments to figure out the mathematical abilities of bees. I have thought for a while that animals have some mathematical ability. Our Doggie arranges toys in groups and knows when something is missing. I once had to retrieve six toys from under a chair because Doggie knew had put them there but could not reach for self. Our Doggie will also pick the bigger piece of something if more than one is shown.
-----I will try the method of conditioning hair that Catherine Zeta-Jones mentions (at the bottom of article). Of course, I will have to try this method when I have a lot of time off-I do not think the work place would look kindly on the scent. Read what Keith Richards says about

-----Who's watching the imported honey to make sure it is safe? There is quiet a discussion in response to this article...a discussion I am working-my-way-through for some great honey recommendations. :-)

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