Sunday, January 25, 2009

In My Life.....

-----Yesterday was January 24th. Yesterday, the Christmas cactus that I thought was not going to bloom this year started blooming. I know that the blooming season goes to January.....but WOW. I will post pictures as soon as the blooms get a little bigger. If I remember correctly the blooms on this Christmas cactus are more pinkish (the other one that bloomed is more reddish). This will be nice to show my Mother who loves flowers.
-----I think we are at the end of "more testing." We find out the treatment plan for my Mother's Stage 4 Breast Cancer tomorrow. I am scared. I feel like we are at a peak of a really high mountain....either climbing back down or struggling further up. Not good.
-----I found out that my Raynaud's phenomenon is what they call secondary Reynaud's (meaning that I have it in conjunction with other thyroid issues). I found out that I am not supposed to be stressed because that makes it worse. Not supposed to be emotionally is that going to happen? I do not like Raynaud's phenomenon.
-----Doggie is very smart. Doggie now knows that "O-U-T" means out. :-) Next, I am teaching Doggie "O-U-T-S-I-D-E."
-----We are planning to rearrange furniture and make a farm fountain in the kitchen. Tilapia are so expensive to buy from tanks at the supermarket here....and they are my fave fish to eat. I would imagine that tilapia are much less expensive when you buy them small. We may make other farm fountains at some point.

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