Monday, January 19, 2009

In My Life....

-----I am re-reading "Pet Semetary." I am often against having pets "fixed." I want pets to be able to have the love of having a family, too. Our Doggie is eventually going to have a spouse and/or child purchased as a companion....even though had to be fixed as a condition of adoption. In cases like the cat in Pet Semetary though, I would actually agree with having a pet fixed. My Mother very sadly told me of a cat that she knew who "made it to the highway" the other day. I cannot imagine finding a beloved pet in this condition.....or seeing it happen and having to pick up the remains.
-----I finally got visit my Mother. It had been 9 days....I had a cold (and Husband had a far worse cold). I am very thankful for Zicam...this helped tremendously! I took lots of the fruit chews....yes, Zicam has chewables (not everyone knows about that).
-----My Mother is doing well....for having Stage 4 Breast Cancer,diabetes and a heart attack. She looks wonderful-attached to oxygen and tons of medicines....but wonderful. The oxygen tether, recovering and losing a little weight make her looks so tiny. Instead of giving us a treatment plan, more testing has been ordered. We are all scared. Please KEEP MY MOTHER IN YOUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS.

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