Monday, January 12, 2009

In My Life.....

-----4 of the old movies that I reserved at the library have arrived. I am going to watch these as I am recovering from this cold. Then when I give them to my Mother she can watch them before bed and we will have something fun to discuss.
-----Eventually, I want to get something like this Iron Butterfly baseball cap....pretty.
-----Each week I will be making my Mother a card with the names of all the people who have her in their thoughts & prayers. I hope this is encouraging. In a long list of health problems, my mother has risk of a second heart attack, diabetes and Stage 4 Breast Cancer. :-(
-----I am hoping that someone finds Laura Garza....a young woman who is still missing. See the top of my sidebar.
-----Doggie is running all over house trying to hide new chew stick....a Bully Stick ( all-natural and made from the meat of free-ranging Brazilian cattle). Doggie is not sure what it is....but has decided it is a treasure. I have actually never seen Doggie attempt to hide something this much. Two of the failed hiding places included my computer briefcase and the Christmas Tree that we took down. :-) It seems like we will be getting more of these. Usually we call chew sticks PigIns...but it applies to whatever kind we get. We are teaching Doggie that these are "Bullys."
-----I am wondering what President Bush will say in his farewell address. I will definitely watch.
-----My Wandering Jew plants are pretty much absolutely dead....after three years of growing well.


ThomasLB said...

I would not have pegged you as an Iron Butterfly fan. :)

I don't know the logistics of this, but it might be interesting to keep a list of all the religious faiths praying for your mother, too.

I had a friend with breast cancer who lived many years with the disease. The chemotherapy was hard on her, but a few bad days around the therapy session led to several good weeks thereafter.

I'm wishing you all the best.


It's mainly the butterfly logo that I like. Also, In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida. I recently wrote a letter to Iron Butterfly asking them to look into asking Elvis' estate if they could somehow digitalize Elvis singing In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida...and I was serious about this as I think it would have sounded awesome.

I, of course, like a lot of things that feature butterflies.

I don't usually ask people what their religion is. I ask for thoughts and prayers...knowing that some don't pray. I think that God recognizes sincere and good-intentioned requests across many religions. A person may Believe, but profess/think that they don't. Besides, God might use someone who doesn't necessarily believe to bring some good in the situation. I will make note though of anyone that I know is not a traditional religion recognized for being full of thoughts/prayers. It is amazing how much people who some wouldn't think care do.

I know that my Mother wants to live....very badly. I don't know if she has the motivation to do the things she needs to...particularly the aspect of taking care of whether she is "in good spirits" or not. Part of her seems resigned to whatever may come.

The whole thing makes me sad because she has not lived much of life and is relatively young.

No matter what the verdict on expectancy/treatment....I am going to try to give my Mother hope. Like another friend online said what keeps him going is the thought of what life holds next. I am going to put myself in charge of making sure that it is at least a Great Adventure.

Thank you for your kind wishes.

ThomasLB said...

I only mentioned religion because I thought it would be neat if she knew that there were Hindu prayers, Muslim prayers, Christian prayers, Jewish prayers, and all manner of other prayers being offered on her behalf- but you're right, there's really no polite way to ask that question.

I know Elizabeth Edwards compared life with breast cancer to life with diabetes, that it's a disease that can be managed. Her own cancer is in remission. I hope your mother's cancer can also be knocked into remission, and with a little luck scientists will come up with something.

I remember when Magic Johnson announced he had AIDS everyone thought it was a death sentence, but advances were made quickly and he's still here and still healthy. So there's always a flicker of hope.

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