Friday, January 09, 2009

In My Life.....

-----I watched the latest episode of 90210 this evening. I liked that a lot of the acting was actually VERY good. I was hurt by the lazy eye comment made by Silver...I often (correctly) get the feeling that people see me as inferior/insane/mentally retarded because of my eye problems. Part of the way that I know that people actually do see me this way (not some paranoia) is that people have purposefully or accidentally let me overhear their comments...and some have made them directly. I am now NOT very fond of the character named Silver. She is so pretty....but mean.
-----I am doing coping with my Mother's Stage 4 Cancer diagnosis. We do not find out until next week what the timeline/course of treatment will be. This is a SCARY wait. I have been thinking of things that might make my mother happy...whether it is a long road or a short road, I want it to have its great moments. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.
-----Seriously considering getting a phone with a QWERTY keyboard. I do a lot of praying/advice getting/friendship/advice giving/comparing life on Twitter. I think being able to Twitter on the go without dragging a laptop around might be helpful. When my mother was in ICU I was so glad to find a computer to Twitter prayer/worries. I was afraid to bring the laptop as even those that work at the hospital think it is best not to bring anything considered of value.
-----I think it is a sad world that we live in when one can not have anything of value safely at the hospital. I have personally seen loved ones who had some treasured piece of jewelry (or other item they normally carried) just devastated by the fact that it is at home.Something that they always wore/carried until entering the Hospital Zone. :-(

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