Sunday, January 04, 2009


-----Currently there are 11 full episodes of "The Family Guy" on Hulu.

Right now I am watching the 100th episode special.
-----I did not at all approve of the Syrup of Ipecac part....doing that could really make someone sick. As a matter of fact, my online friend Thomas left a link to the Wikipedia page in the comments....Syrup of Ipecac is NOT something that parents should keep in the house anymore.
-----I think that Seth McFarlane has a really neat voice.
-----Stewie (the baby) is not voiced by David Hyde-Pierce. I believe that was a joke...and Stewie is voiced by McFarlane.

-----I have drug a book that I haven't read in a while back out..."Take It Personally: A Globalization Action Guide." This is by Anita Roddick (the founder of The Body Shop).
-----Jeb Bush's father would like to seem him be President. I have seen polls where some people would like Jeb to be President. Everyone I have mentioned this to would definitely NOT like Jeb Bush to be the President.
-----We watched the movie "The Happening" this evening. This is the version with Mark Wahlberg. I did not really get emotionally attached to any of the characters and did not like the ending. Alan Ruck looked much older as the principal. He played Ferris Bueller's best friend....but now the 10 years age difference between Ruck and Matthew Broderick is evident to me.


David said...

Sara Palin for Queen!

thank you for praying for my friend. I will pray for your mom and your family

Thanks for your visits


:-) Your Sarah Palin comment made me smile. It is funny how things keep escalating in who is being nominated for what offices.

Thank you for your prayers. Also, thank you for the prayer requests. I hope that all the prayers people have done for your friend help. Hugs.

ThomasLB said...

I looked up syrup of Ipecac on Wikipedia (link). It's pretty bad stuff- I'm surprised it's not a controlled substance.

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