Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Licensed photo...DO NOT COPY.
Photo by Quentin Houyoux.
Title: Maya Calendar
Description: Artifact of Maya Calendar in a sunray

-----What are your goals for the New Year?
-----Thursday is President Bush's Farewell Address. I am wondering what he is going to say. I will be listening.
-----January is National Soup Month.
-----Sometime: There is to biographical film about Sam Kinison coming out. It will air on HBO. I wonder if they could get the actual celebrities for the "Wild Thing" video.

What's happening in your life (and on your blog)??? :-)

As for what is happening in my life: Please keep my Mother in your thoughts and prayers. The list of things that she is battling is very long....including the risk of a second heart attack, diabetes and Stage 4 Breast Cancer. :-(


ThomasLB said...

I look forward to the Sam Kinison biography. His early work was brilliant, as much philosphy as it was comedy, and had a positive impact on my life.


I agree. He was very intelligent...the Preacher was evident in a lot of his early work.


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