Monday, January 19, 2009

Brightstorm...helping this adult, too.


Online video courses that help with the classes students take while in high school. This can help students to improve their grades. I am seeing if Brightstorm will help with a math-laden-SAT-like exam that I have coming up. Math is my weakest subject I definitely need to brush up on the math that one would take in the later years of high school.

Brightstorm has study guides,practice problems and interactive quizzes. I am hoping that this might help where years of teachers could not. I seem to have some sort of math disability related to visualization (extreme eye problems) and I am hoping something will click....and make a change.

Anyway registration for Brightstorm is free...and there is no credit card required. With registration, you can try out episodes from 19 :-)

-----P.S. Why do they have to make us dress like Wise Owls at Graduation????
-----P.P.S. Often we look like Silly Owls at Graduation. :-)

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ellyodd said...

Ever heard of dyscalculia? It's "math dyslexia".

Check out - or just google it :)

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