Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thursday Thirteen....


I have just started watching the show "30 Days." I have a lot of episodes to catch up on....this is the first one on "Minimum Wage."
-----Of course I like that the song "Minimum Wage" by "They Might Be Giants" was used.
-----When was the last time you made a budget?...and how did that go???
-----I was reading more about Free Shops. It would be nice if there were more of these.

2. Top 10 Stupid give for Christmas. I can't imagine the gum being good...the article says it is, so I will have to try it sometime.

3. The National Museum of Funeral History adds a Vatican exhibit.


The "Off the Grid" episode of 30 Days.
-----It is my aim to eventually recycle everything....but I have not been able to bring myself to even consider human-waste-recycling options.
-----I would have some sanitary concerns about the bathroom. Thyroid-issues make my immune system not work as well...and the bathroom set-up just doesn't seem sanitary.
-----I need to start doing some research on the government incentives offered for using solar panels. I also want to look into ways of eating meat that put less strain on the environment.
-----Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage....this is where they stayed in this episode.

5. I was happy to find that ScreenLife Games lets you test out several of their games online. I amused myself with a little Friends trivia. I own and love one of their games called Banzai.

6. Bird Network...the leading social network for bird enthusiasts. I would love to have a Birdie. Doggie would love to eat/traumatize a Birdie. I think this Dog VS. Bird hurdle is insurmountable for now....maybe someday when Doggie is less I-chase/bark-at-almost-all-other animals. :-) Our Doggie says "I Love You" and we could teach Birdie....them saying this back and forth to each other would make me smile. :-)


-----What was that thing on top of the cat's head when animal research was being talked about???
-----The walkway of the Californian family that George is staying with is beautiful.
-----The "Chicken's Revenge" made me kind of squeamish. I don't think I would willingly portray either role.
-----The video made me think. Biblically,I do think that we were given animals for food and clothing. I do not know that this is totally necessary now. I am definitely for attempts at more compassionate treatment of animals.
-----I would rescue another human being before my pet...I would feel like this was a moral duty. I know that I would likely be trying to comfort the pet at the same time I was rescuing the human. I would also have a lot of sorrow/praying for the pet after.
-----Sometimes I have a problem with when people try to be "merciful" and put their pets to sleep. Sometimes,this choice seems to be way too convenient to them to be an act of compassion.
-----Animal Acres....rescue/refuge for farm animals.
-----The cruel handling (and sometimes the truly callous disposal) of animals is UNNECESSARY.
-----Sugar was really beautiful. I find a lot of cows to be beautiful. For some reason, I like this photo of a cow taking a sun bath in France.
-----I am glad that I watched this video.

8. Economy:
-----Will this Presidential Inauguration involve less expense than normal? light of the fact that there is a recession.
-----Though I will feel embarrassed, I am going to offer my nice friend at work this coupon that I have for a $1.00 off feminine products that I won't have time to use before expiration. A $1.00 off is a big coupon. I encourage everyone to find a home for their unusable coupons...especially the really good/necessary product coupons.

9. Woman celebrates Christmas with 80-year-old tree. I hope that it is in good enough condition to pass on to someone in her family...heirloom. She looks kind of sad in the can tell she misses her Husband. Hugs to her.

10. Top 100 Living Geniuses. Are there any people on this list that you disagree should be there?

11. The stories about Obama's birth certificate will never die????? I am actually still getting e-mails about this.

12. "Aisle," "monarch," and "altar" are just a few of the words taken out of one of the most popular child's dictionaries. Words like "acorn" and "fern" are gone, too.

13. Patrick Swayze has confirmed that, contrary to tabloids, he is not in his last moments. Now, it is being said that he is looking to adopt???


Phil's Grill said...

This was an interesting list. I didn't get to watch the videos perhaps I will visit later. I tying to do two things at the same time.
Would you consider exchanging links?
Phil's Grill


Thank you. I would love to have you re-visit.

I am always trying to do more than one thing at once. Besides Thrifty Girl, my super-heroine name would be Multi-Task Girl. :-) They are 40-some-minute videos. I always work on something when I am watching anything...I have even been known to go to the movies and write reviews in the dark. :-)

I will look at your blog and figure out if it fits my audience. :-)


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