Friday, December 19, 2008

Shiny Copper Sinks :-)

Copper Sinks catch my eye and I would imagine that they are pleasing to touch.

The idea of having a Copper Sink is a new one to me. I have only seen copper sinks in older decorating magazines...and I suspect that they were not as high a quality as what is now available. I like the bathroom/kitchen sinks that are functional as well as artistic....that is why I am considering a copper sink as an option.

This evening I am browsing I like that there is a traditional selection (round/oval bathrooms sinks in a variety of sizes) but they can also look into doing something more custom. I think custom may be the route that we eventually go with most aspects of our kitchen sink and of a few elements of our kitchen that I am less than thrilled with.

I am somewhat intrigued by a sink that I saw on here with a large basin and then a smaller basin...all curved.The curves/beautiful coloring would fit in well with much of my kitchen. I think that it is also a really good price (not something you usually hear me say about any furniture-type piece).
Copper Kitchen Sinks

I am putting a kitchen sink replacement higher on the list than the bathroom.....though our bathroom sink has some flaws. With the bathroom I am looking at something like a floral-etched basin. I am struck by the gentle beauty of how copper sinks appear when pictures are etched on them.


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