Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Besides partnering with US Airways Divendend Miles program (offers a discount on LifeLock), Lifelock is now sold at Best Buy. LifeLock is America's Number 1 Identity Theft Protection Program.

Very surprisingly, Identity Theft has become the number 1 crime in the nation....even more than the drug dealers. I thought this woman at the store was not exactly sane when she was talking to me about "back before everyone started stealing everyone's identity"....I guess her paranoia was understandable.

My opinion of the benefits:
-----The top benefit for me is the fact that not only are lost/stolen card and documents replaced.....but the fraud alerts are also renewed for you. I think a lot of identity thieves are hackers (some of whom are identity thieves).
-----ERecon. I think this is great because not all companies actually obey their own privacy statement....and not everyone has the time to police this.
-----I like some solicitation, I guess that I would like to have LifeLock have an option where you can pick some services that you are offered. I have come so close to suiing some companies who test my last nerve about the Do Not Call list....I just don't have that kind of time.

I wonder if Life Lock is sold at the checkout counter at Best Buy. I will have to blog about it when I see it. :-)

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