Friday, December 05, 2008

The safe way to give Gift Cards this year. :-)

It is sad that one has to research before giving gift cards this year...but that is the way that the economy is. I agree with a lot of the people that I have had smalltalk about the holidays with...Visa gift cards are a good choice this year. allows one to personalize the image on the gift card. I like this....much more creative than just giving money (or even a standard gift card). Embossed messages can also be added to the cards.....nice to see the message of love as your gift is used.

If you do not have an image in mind to upload (for placement on the card), GiftCardLab has a large design gallery to choose from.

-----Unlike a regular gift card, this is FDIC-insured. That gives a lot more reassurance than the almost-gambling that gift cards are right now. Sadly, the first thing I would do if I received a gift card this year would be to research the company....and then spend it quickly. FDIC-insured=much better. :-)
-----Unlike regular gift cards, the balance and transactions can be checked online.
-----Cards can be issued in amounts from $10 to $250.
-----Cards cost $5.95 and arrive in 5-10 business days. Cards can be sent to the recipient or to yourself (so you can present it). The exception being if you purchase more than 5 cards at one time or a card over $100...these have to go to the purchaser's billing address.
-----The cards are not re-loadable...I wish that there were a way to do this.I guess you can always buy another card for the next occasion. :-)

Designs I like:
-----Santa holding a gasoline can
-----Ornaments.The snowflake and the color are pretty.
-----Bride & teddy bears.

There is still time to order a gift card before Christmas. :-)

Of course, Visa is accepted in so many places. The recipient could even use it to pay off some bills and debt.

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