Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving Flowers....

Looking at Thanksgiving centerpieces from 1-800 flowers. Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching....and I am happy to say that I feel like it will be a calm time this year. I have been taking advantage of online conveniences for pretty much ALL my shopping this year.

I always have flowers in the house...and used to do at least one arrangement of my own every week. Now that I often have no time, I am considering finding something cheerful from 1-800 flowers.

I am very picky about my centerpieces. I often leave shops with nothing as a result of my standards. If I go through a florist, I know that it will be easy to find quality arrangements. Maybe I can even find a coupon code somewhere online. :-)

My picks:
-----Cranberry Plant in Splitwood Basket with Bow....very affordable and a nice gift. I think this is the first time I have ever seen a cranberry plant....and wonder if it might be that way for gift-recipients. :-)
-----Martha Stewart Cherry Brandy Roses. Of course, I would give these with some nice brandy. :-) These are long-stemmed roses.
-----Orange Cube with Orchids by Jane Packer

Where I have flowers,I must have food. :-)

As regular readers know, I am interested in all things culinary. I am exploring the Celebrity Chef section....something that's new this year.

My first choice of gift basket, the Paula Deen cooking basket, looks to be sold out right now. I am interested in trying the "House Seasoning" used at Deen's restaurant The Lady and Sons. Yes, you read right...I am interested in trying it....this would be a present from-me-to-me. :-) Another aspect that made this one a winner for me was the can never try enough marinades. I hope this basket becomes available soon.
-----Best of Paula Deen assortment...this one is currently available.
-----Paula Deen Southern Cooking Basket...this one has that House Seasoning that I want to try! It looks pretty similar...but is ON SALE....perhaps, it is the same basket?

One that might make Husband happy:
Steven Raichlen Beer Can Chicken

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