Monday, November 24, 2008

My Holidays will be made easier by Coupon Codes.

I am constantly looking at coupon code sites. The latest help was with new slip covers that were needed for the family room....Doggie thought the chairs/sofa were climbing walls. Coupon codes knocked out shipping and handling plus about three dollars....saving me about 20 dollars on a much needed and expensive item! Of course, I also made sure to get the covers on sale on top of that. :-) Did I mention that I am super-frugal? Did I mention that Coupon Codes saved my sanity and three pieces of super-sentimental furniture??? :-)

Just yesterday, I was talking about Thanksgiving centerpieces. I still do not have one for our annual Just-Husband-and-I-Romantic-Thanksgiving-Eve-Dinner. I just found a code for $10 off from 1-800 flowers. I think I will be using it for that Cranberry plant that I admired. Have you ever seen a cranberry plant?

What I am planning to do this year, is an almost-exclusively-online Christmas shopping. I will use as many coupon codes and deals as cut the spending as much as possible while still giving great gifts. The bulk of my efforts will take place on Cyber Monday and I will have backup plans for anything that does not arrive before Christmas. :-)

Royal Riviera Pears exclusively from Harry & David sound nice. Not only are they fresh from the harvest but there is that "exclusive" part. I am told that many of the gifts I give are "unique." I never really thought about it beyond the fact that I try to get something that is TOTALLY tailored to the person and that they will not have to return because of duplicates. Now that I think about it, most of the gifts that I give for special occasions are exclusive to a specific store or merchant. Odd what you realize about your habits when you slow down to think. I definitely analyze my gift selections. :-)

Then, of course, there is Avon. For one loved one that is super-nostalgic. There will be a little gift basket assembled by me. :-) Chapstick,handcream,perfume and a little jewelry bauble....hopefully almost all Christmas-themed. The thought of the smile it will bring makes me smile. :-)

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