Sunday, November 23, 2008

Not looking in vain...for a vanity. :-)

Right now, we do not have much room for bathroom furniture and we are in the midst of a remodel (new floor,toilet and sink)...but I am still looking for a few pieces. We have already started our remodel but I do know that it is ideal to get all bathroom pieces at the same time (see "Learn How to Match Up Your Bathroom Vanity Set").

I am happy with one of our linen cabinets....a white,antique with curves. The other piece looks more like it belongs in an office...and that is where it is going. For the new piece, I have something like this Oak Linen Cabinet in mind. I have to do some measuring...and, if all else fails, the white piece would be easily at home in another room. OK....that settles it, the oak cabinet is my new dream piece.

While not being vain, I have been a fan of vanities since childhood. :-) There's just something about sitting in front of vanity that adds to the excitement of getting ready for an event. I was glad to see that there are bedroom vanities on here....since I have been longing for a new one for some time.

I think that the Antique White Bedroom vanity might suit me. It is a smaller vanity and stylish. It would fit in with a lot of my other furniture and I could try to make some sort of removable slipcovers for a fun change-of-pace. I feel a project coming on. :-)

Have you had this experience, too?
To be honest, one thing that I like about Premiere Vanities is the 30-day guarantee. As I said, I have liked vanities since childhood....but I have had some bad experiences with furniture shops. I am more than happy to order something I know that I will not have to clean off the grime-of-a-hundred-ages (and we are not always talking my usual antiquey-looking stuff either). End of my little personal rant. :-)

Premiere is the LARGEST online vanity store.

The phone number for Premiere Vanities is 1-866-434-2544.
Customer Service Hours:
Monday - Friday
6:00 AM - 5:00 PM PST
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM PST
Closed Sundays and Holidays

-----Premiere's Clearance Sale Page...when I looked, there were some BEAUTIFUL pieces in this section.
-----If you do not live in California, all vanities are tax-free. There is free shipping in all states.

Premiere carries over 400 varieties of bathroom furniture. There are many shapes and styles (including Contemporary).
Some of my other picks:
-----Antique Oak Bathroom Vanity....I like the intricacy,the shape,the Black Marble Galaxy Countertop and (obviously) antique-looking is a theme for me. :-)
-----Hand-Crafted Eden Park Bathroom Vanity. I think that this is an interesting statement piece. Antique-looking, yet sophisticated.
-----Petite Antique Cherry Vanity. I could see this in the bathroom of a small,elegant restaurant somewhere. :-) Beautiful.

bathroom sink vanity


MzHartz said...

Oh, I agree, I love vanities! My grandma used to have one, and she would sit at it to get ready every day. I remember sitting at it and using grandma's makeup and putting on her jewelry. She'd sit me in front of the vanity to do my hair.

I miss having a vanity. I think I'm going to be on the lookout for one now too.


I like all the accouterments, long as they are not too cutesy. Perfume spray and with the squeeze bulb. Old bobby pin containers. Nice brush,comb,hand mirror sets. Mementos strung over the mirror or tucked into the frame. My new vanity will be a lot of fun.

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