Thursday, November 27, 2008

Adorable boxes...complete with gifts.

Looking at these cute boxes....a new collection of gifts from Canadian designer Sande Chase. Both the boxes and the accompanying small gifts are handmade. Perfect for all sorts of occasions.

I read some of the background of this company, Oooh La La-Cadeau and found that is exactly what the company sprang out of....the need to give something touching and beautiful for special occasions. :-) :-)

I like the design. Right now my favorite is "Dragonfly." Hand-embroidered napkins.

These I would actually use for special occasions at my own table. Of course, I collect butterfly items and sometimes I stretch out of this into dragonflies. :-) I think these would be really nice gifts for when Husband and I have a Vow Renewal Ceremony.

Oooh La La-Cadeau has a lot of pretty little things.Gifts can be tailored to the interests of the person receiving.....the giver can choose colors and include handwritten messages on the gift card. Care is taken with each individually-wrapped item.

Apparently, there have been some fun reactions to these boxes...some only unwrap them slowly as the presentation is that pretty! Still other people have parties specifically for opening these boxes.

I am interested in all things culinary, so I would like to get the Pewter & Pepper set for myself....but also several loved ones would be intrigued by this.

Elsa's Story Crisp Baked Crackers,Black Pepper,Lemon & Garlic Antipasti. Comes with a Fleur de Lis Spreader,Cocktail Napkins,Matches and a pewter serving tray.All in a storage box with gift wrap. :-) Unique things to try....and a different gift box than most are used to.

-----No duty is paid when this item comes into the U.S. as long as the order is under $200.00. :-) Oooh La La-Cadeau ships to the U.S. and Canada via UPS. With the economy, this is a good choice for those in the U.S.-more value for your dollar. :-)

Perfect special gift. :-)


Oh la la Cadeau


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