Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Thirteen...... :-) :-) :-)


2. "Apple Caviar" recipe. The restaurant involved has been rated the best in the world several times.


An old Joan Jett performance put on YouTube by Blackheart Records.


Nice Thriller tribute.


Are you participating this year? I would love to read your work and/or hear about your efforts.

6. Prank call to Sarah Palin.



Halloween-Time at Disneyland

9. Meals on Wheels....Senior Hunger is a horrible reality. A lot of hungry seniors fed others in this world for many years (paying taxes for the various programs, raising children,etc,).

10. Due to communication problems, a lot of people overseas in the military may be unable to vote.

11. Apparently, Michael Jackson is not planning to tour with The Jackson 5. I kind of wonder if this means that they will not tour at all....or will totally restructure this project.

12. Slang Words....PG-ish post warning. "Hallowthanksmas" is definitely a term I will start using in relation to retail.


Thursday Thirteen....a work-in-progress right now. :-)
Update: Did not get done this week....had important events to attend. Leaving this up though since I did get a lot of interesting things posted. :-)


Sleepypete said...

I wonder if one of those recalls will hit the battery in this laptop.

Would be funny if I did have to send it back for a replacement, it's so dead that the laptop instantly went black when I just slightly nudged the power lead out the socket the other day !

Think this laptop is a little too old to be part of this recall though.

Solomon said...

Apple caviar? That's a new one on me. :)


This laptop (an Inspiron E1505) is not included in the recall. I still have freakish incidents with the battery getting hot though.

I need to get a better cooling plate for it. The cooling plate that I have now doesn't actually attach to the computer....meaning it is cumbersome and I often don't use it. The other reason I want to get a new cooling plate is that the current one recently created a power surge in one of the USB ports!


The concept of apple caviar was a little surprising to me,too. :-) It is a recipe adapted from a chef who works at El Bulli though.

My understanding is that the executive chef at El Bulli usually doesn't let his recipe secrets get published. I am still happy for adaptations to experiment with though. Some of the most unusual dishes are often the best. :-)

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