Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday Thirteen......



Johnny Cash "I Am the Nation"

Johnny Cash's America

3. Johnny Cash "The Wall"

4. The birth of a parrot....amazing. Thank you, to the Redneck Dessert Dweller for pointing this one out. :-)

5. Orzo Minestrone


7. Jewish dad speaks out on support of his head-scarved daughters

8. More strangeness from my life
SETTING: One of the retail places I have worked at
TIME: Way after close
Would-be-customer comes up to locked door and pulls vigourously several times. I am attempting to pick up leaves that have come inside.
WOULD-BE:"You....Come here!"
More pulling. Against my better judgment, I draw closer to the crazy one.
WOULD-BE:"Why are you closed?"
I stumble around looking for an appropriate answer to this consumer-who-thinks-the-world-should-bow-to-her-wishes. Eventually, I just tell her what time we closed and leave her pulling on the door. I go speak with the boss.
ME: "There's was a crazy woman pulling on the door."
BOSS: "Did you lock all the doors?"
ME: "YES....I did."
------I watched an Oprah Show on rude people recently. From appearances, this woman was what we would normally view as "successful" or "living the American Dream." It seems to me like a lot of people are desperately chasing this Dream anymore...and taking their anger out on others when the American Dream does not arrive when and how it is wanted. Sorry, you couldn't indulge yourself Awful/Frenzied-Shopper-Lady.

9. I am hoping to get into the beta of a game called "Akoha." Akoha is a card-collecting game played online....the object is to Play It Forward. Awesome! Even if I don't get into the Beta, I will definitely be buying this game when it comes out in 2009. :-)

10. "A Decade of Internet SuperStars:Where Are They Now?"


A performance of "Fast Car" that I find beautiful.

12. One woman does what Oprah says for an entire year.

13. What made you smile recently?
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