Monday, September 08, 2008

Election Thoughts.
I am still undecided as to who I am voting for.

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What Ben Stein thinks of Sarah Palin (video). What do you think of her? The VP doesn't have to necessarily totally be just like the President in viewpoints....just has to be someone that can assist the President well and would be a viable person to lead should something happen to the President. Do you think that Palin was chosen with the long-term in mind...or winning the election?

Do you think that candidates actually think about whether their running mate would lead well if something happened to them? Do you think that whether a person would lead well is taken into effect for other positions that could be President as the result of an emergency??? Has there ever been a U.S. Presidency where the people disliked the VP more than the President???....wondering.

I was thinking further on this. Say McCain had a stroke tomorrow, would Sarah Palin be qualified to be President....definitely NOT from what I can tell. So, if McCain has a stroke one day after Inauguration, she's suddenly qualified? A vote for McCain means that one has confidence in Palin's learning abilities and McCain's health.

"Obama Takes First Direct Shot at Palin" (with video)

Then there are mentions of McCain's temper. Are there more recent examples of temper loss? Are there examples of Obama losing his temper before his run for President?

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