Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

1. Vertical Farming
"1 indoor acre is equivalent to 4-6 outdoor acres or more, depending upon the crop (e.g., strawberries: 1 indoor acre = 30 outdoor acres)"

Some people say that dogs can't pay attention to the TV for long...and that they don't actually watch it. What about an HD computer monitor? Our Doggie is learning to say "I love you" partially by watching this dog. Our Doggie sniffs at the monitor and will come to ask for the online doggie. This is also how we are desensitizing Doggie to squirrels. Yes, we are unconventional. :-)
-Note:I have to make sure to put my laptop away well has gotten much more interesting to Doggie. There is another Doggie/owner that we cannot play...our Doggie either doesn't like the Doggie or the tone of voice of the owner.
-Of course, one has to monitor for too much excitement. Wouldn't want Doggie to harm the computer...or to harm self while harming the Doggie in the computer.
Below is the clip we are using to try to cut down on the squirrel chasing/barking. Online squirrels have no scent and are not intimidated by Doggies. Hopefully, this will help our Doggie cope with frequent squirrel-sightings. :-)




4. Texting may have caused the devastating California train crash?

5. Something I posted back on Sept. 1, 2006. What is your answer to this question?
Nuancing Nuisance is no longer an active blog...stopped posting in 2006 for some reason. Titanium's blog also no longer exists. :-(

What is the prettiest name you have ever heard???
Or the neatest (men usually don't have pretty names....neat yes, pretty no)????

-----"Nuancing Nuisance" said that the prettiest name they have ever heard is "Journey." I think that is a really pretty name for a girl and have never heard of anyone being named that before.
-----Douglas said that the prettiest name he had ever heard is "Corinth." I like reminds me of soap opera or the 80s (that kind of glamor). And, of course, it reminds me of the Bible. :-)

-----"Titanium" posted about a little girl named Heaven.


I posted this video earlier in the week. I think it is awesome and would like to see whatever show this is in. I am trying to teach Doggie how to dance....Doggie stares no doubt thinking I am crazy. :-)

7. No Impact Man.Very dedicated. One of my goals is to eventually have nothing but bodily wastes to throw out...I am not close to achieving that ideal yet.


Your Issue Profile: 60% Obama, 40% McCain

Truth be told, you're not really satisfied with either of the candidates.

You could vote for either of them. You are the typical coveted swing voter.

You may want to narrow yourself down to a particular set of issues in order to pick your president.

Or start looking at third party candidates. One of them might suit you better.

I still don't know who I am voting for. I really don't want to vote for either candidate...but I want to vote for someone who has a REALLY GOOD chance to win. I just don't know. At this point, who do you think is going to get your vote?

9. "The Arabic Austria." Is Iraq any closer to being the Arabic Austria? When you step outside in your country how much beauty do you see?

10. Banned Books Week starts September 27th. Apparently, there will be some events in Second Life this year....but the times and places have not been announced.



12. What you should have in a frugal pantry. I have a grocery-shopping trip coming up in the next few days and I am mulling over what should go on my own stocking-the-panty list.
-----Olive oil is one that I am going to stock up on. Every once-in-a-while I can find it for a good price. We use a lot of olive oil and run out of it at the most inconvenient times. It will also be nice to have extra Olive Oil for shining my sink...I was using Hazelnut Oil but ran out.You have to have read FlyLady to understand about shining your sink (it's a cleaning/organizing thing). :-)



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Sleepypete said...

Dogs are far cleverer than people make them out to be ...

Like P&V's new pooch who only sees me once a week but has very quickly figured out that she'll get a huge amount of fuss from me :-)

I came out 60% McCain, 40% Obama, which is a little inconsistent with my limited view of the issues over there ...


Our Doggie is very smart....though selective in listening to things like "get down" and "no bark" at times. :-)

I don't know for sure who to trust...or distrust far as politics go. I am worried about the way that this country is rapidly changing....and much of it not for the better. :-(

Thank you for visiting, Pete.

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